Moby chats with the L.A. Times on his much-anticipated vegan restaurant, Little Pine, which will open its doors in Silver Lake, California on Nov. 19.
by Natalia Lima
Categories: Causes, Environment.

Moby, a knowledgeable activist and vegan, called out one of the most famous magazines in the world when they failed to provide all the facts in a recent article.

The singer took to Twitter to contact The New Yorker magazine and tell them their coverage on climate change neglected to address one of the biggest causes behind the environmental issue.

Moby does have science on his side. A recent Swedish study showed that to avoid drastic climate change issues, the world will have to severely diminish their meat and diary consumption.

The New Yorker didn’t reply to Moby’s comments yet. Will they admit to their mistake?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock