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WATCH: Tricia Helfer Wants All Cats To Stay Indoors

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Tricia Helfer is partnering with PETA to make sure all cat owners know to keep their feline friends safe and indoors.

The “Battlestar Galactica” actress is featured in a new campaign to urge pet owners not to let their cats roam outdoors since those outings can often lead to serious injuries and death.

“Traffic, diseases, poisons such as anti-freeze and warm car engines are all cat killers,” says Helfer in a video posted on the PETA website. “So are the cruel people who intentionally poison them, set them on fire, torture them or drown them for fun out of intolerance or even hatred. Cats are domestic animals that belong indoors.”

tricia helfer peta psa

Helfer said she decided to be part of the campaign since the cause has affected her directly. She has two rescued cats, and both were injured prior to her rescue because of being outdoors. Cesar was attacked by a dog having his jaw broken in five places and Max was hit by a car and as a result is today a three legged cat.

The actress also reminds people although cats can seem independent and have an I-can-do-anything-I-want-and-don’t-you-dare-tell-me-otherwise attitude, they need as much care and love as dogs.

“They’re vulnerable and they depend on us to keep them safe.”

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  • ike4nsync

    I totally agree with her. You wouldn’t let a 3 year old out to wonder around all over the neighborhood, why let your cat? My cats have always been indoor cats.

  • Leslie Maxwell

    She is absolutely correct! How uncaring and ignorant of a thing to do! I would never risk my baby’s precious life by putting him outside. I literally have nightmares about him getting out! (shudders)

  • fearnot

    PETA prefers for animals to be killed.. they kill 97% of the animals they claim to “take in” every year. How cruel to confine an animal to one small area for its entire life( isn;t that what PETA says about pigs and other animals..?) PETA sux and whoever that is in the picture will make few friends by associating herself with an animal killing machine like PETA http://www.petakillsanimals.com

  • PokerRay

    Absolute nonsense. My cat would be miserable if she was confined indoors, and she would make my life miserable in the process. She has always insisted on being let out. And yes, years ago this resulted in a rather expensive vet bill. Well, it’s a risky world. If you can’t deal with that, don’t own a pet.
    You people who gush about animals while denying them their personalities and their right to live their own lives give me a rash. And Sassy agrees. I’m not her boss or her slave-master. If you don’t believe me, ask her.

  • Cat Lover

    I completely disagree. Cats are naturally ‘hunters’ and love the outdoors. How can you confine and essentially cage these animals, which should be free to roam and explore. They are inherently curious and love the grass and fresh air. I ONLY agree that cats should be kept indoors when you live in a CITY without any open green space for them to roam about. My cat is both indoor/outdoor. I have a ‘cat window’ which allows her to come and go as she pleases. She LOVES being outside chasing bugs, lounging in the sun and playing in the grass, but also loves cuddling on the sofa and staying dry when it rains by coming indoors. YOU need to decide what is personally best for your at depending on where you live and the surrounding dangers. Don’t let HER tell you to lock up your cat.

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