James Cameron and Suzy Amis Switch to Vegan Diet and Grow Their Own Food on Farm
by Michael dEstries
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On May 4th, “Avatar” director James Cameron will celebrate two years of, in his own words, a diet devoid “a single molecule of anything that came from an animal.”

“This includes meat, eggs, dairy, cheese, fish, etc. I feel great. I feel like I’ve set the clock back 15 years,” he added.

Cameron, 59, made these comments during an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session on the social networking site Reddit. When the celebrated filmmaker, a producer on the new Showtime climate change series “Years of Living Dangerously” was asked what’s the best thing an individual can do to fight climate change, Cameron likely surprised many by answering: “Stop eating animals.”

“This may surprise you, because it surprised me when I found out, but the single biggest thing that an individual can do to combat climate change is to stop eating animals,” he said. “Because of the huge, huge carbon footprint of animal agriculture. I was shocked to find out that animal agriculture directly or indirectly accounts for 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions, compared to all transportation – every ship, car, truck, plane on the planet only accounts for 13%. Less than animal agriculture. So most people think that buying a Prius is the answer, and it’s certainly not wrong, but it’s not the biggest agent of climate change.”

As for what his favorite sandwich is, Cameron had an answer for that too – just hold the cucumbers.

“Well, as a vegan, you know, it’s not going to be chicken or ham. I would say probably something with a lot of tomatoes and avocados in it. Maybe some grilled vegetables. Mushrooms are good.

“No cucumbers! Despise them! Won’t touch them!,” he adds. “How is it possible to hate vinegar, and hate cucumbers, but still love pickles? It’s an enigma to me. And yet here I am.”

Check out the full, entertaining Reddit AMA here. 

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  • Ryan Hahn

    Most people know the facts on why veganism is the savior for the earth, health, and billions of innocent animals. But they’re addicts to their addictions. Like crack addicts.

    • geraldshields

      Yes, that’s true. I loved meat, but I’ve found out later that it didn’t loved me. It gave me bad breath. It gave bad body odor. It gave me both dandruff and psoriasis. It gave me about a 100 or so pounds of extra weight. It gave me a disease which didn’t had a specific cause or a cure (sarcoidosis). My love for meat probably ruined relationships both professional and personal. When I’ve turned vegan, the most I’ve thought was I was going to lose weight. It gave me positive things beyond even my wildest dreams. Sure the weight loss is great and I’ve still have more to go. However, I didn’t just lose weight: I’ve lost my bad breath and body odor. I’ve lost my dandruff and psoriasis to the point where I don’t see any flakes fall when I get a haircut. Even the doctors who are treating me for sarcoidosis haven’t called me yet to implement further treatment. The only thing I’ve gained are energy, responsiveness and some interesting interactions with women ;) I don’t know if I’m going to live longer, but it hasn’t been bad so far.

    • Adam Bruss

      Like crack addicts but with plant foods not crack.

    • Sarah-Jane Egan

      Honestly I don’t think many people without an interest in animal welfare etc are aware of this, i’ve mentioned it in passing to people and they just look confused but then get it once I explain. The problem is the government etc is still preaching to turn off the lights when you leave a room, but not to put down the steak!