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Alicia SilverstoneAlicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone Talks Vegan Pregnancy in New Book

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Alicia Silverstone’s first bestselling book ‘The Kind Diet’ taught millions to live a healthy vegan life and now her second book teaches how to pass that lifestyle on to future generations.

‘The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning’ comes out this Tuesday and is based around Silverstone’s personal experiences as well as some extensive research.

She said in an interview with NJ.com, “Over the years, I’ve read tons of books, pored over the latest research and studies, and spoken with dozens of experts,” says the mother of 2-year-old Bear. “When I went looking for this information, I couldn’t find it all in one place and my mission was to create a one-stop destination for women to learn about the different ways in which to follow a kind mama path.”

According to Silverstone, that path starts long before the the child comes into the picture and then the parenthood part comes naturally as a result.

“It’s all about being kind to yourself through being the most well-nourished, healthiest, strongest woman you can be in order to get pregnant with ease, have a blissful pregnancy, beautiful birth, the healthiest and happiest baby, and enjoy the most intimate love-fest of your life with your little nugget,” she says.

Just don’t feed that nugget chicken nuggets, though. The actress, who’s been a vegan for 16 years now, says the book will show parents that a vegan diet is not only possible but recommended for a newborn and can have a lifelong positive effect on the child.

“When you feed your baby kind food from the start, you’re not only setting up his nutrition for later, you’re also setting up his taste buds — getting him excited to try new flavors and textures,” she explains. “Believe me, babies don’t come out of the womb asking for Cheerios and chicken nuggets.”

Silverstone fought some controversy in 2012 after posting a video on her website of her feeding baby Bear pre-chewed food mouth to mouth. While some were appalled, she defended her actions saying it is a method that has been used for thousands of years. In the book, she explains those methods tried and tested over generations for raising a child can have a place in the 21st century.

“In a lot of ways, the book is all about going way back to basics and applying those practices to our modern age — from what we ate and how we birthed, to how we raised our children.”

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  • sabita patwardhan

    Great. Because only when parents teach their children about how animals are treated can we destroy the businesses that are responsible for the torture and misstreatment of millions of animals everyday (factory-farming, clothing, cosmetics, research, circuses, animal parks, festivals the list goes on and on).
    This is very important, if we don’t teach the kids about this then the businesses can always sell to this group and the horror will go on. It’s enough to tell them that the animals behind a product they want to buy is mistreated (for example when your teen wants to buy a leather jacket). To a younger child one can say that bad people have made a product an have hit the animals.
    Most kids do not want animals to be hurt and will then not buy the product. It is good to educate oneself about this so that one can talk with conviction to kids. People have at a cost to their lives gone undercover to film these industries and the info is out there, for example on Petas site.

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