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Kaley Cuoco Tweets 'My Heart Breaks' For the Seals

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Kaley Cuoco, who has gained international acclaim and recognition for her role as Penny on the CBS comedy series “The Big Bang Theory,” has made her feelings about the seal hunt clear. She tweeted:

Each spring off the east coast of Canada, seal hunters attempt to kill as many baby seals as possible in the short time available. Seal pups, most too young to escape, are either shot or hit with a spiked wooden club called a hakapik.

“Although the Canadian government compares the commercial seal hunt to the killing of farm animals, they have little in common. Unlike abattoirs, the commercial slaughter of seals takes place in an unpredictable, unmanageable environment where humane killing is impossible to achieve consistently,” said the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

According to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the “Canadian commercial seal ‘hunt’ is the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals in the world. Canada intends to kill over 325,000 seals this spring with an additional 10,000 harp seal quota for an aboriginal allowance.”

“The Canadian government looks for as many avenues as possible to profit from their annual, government-subsidized slaughter. Currently, Canada exports the following products: sealskins (furskins/pelts and leather), seal oil and seal meat. Unfortunately, due to a revised fashion trend, the demand for seal pelts has sky-rocketed, especially in Europe,” said Sea Shepherd.

Besides being inhumane, the the seal hunt is also incredibly wasteful. Eighty percent of the biomass of slaughtered seals are left on the ice.

Although the majority of Canadians oppose the hunt, it still continues. This spring the ice will again be stained with blood from thousands of massacred seals. Hunters have been offered alternatives to earn a living, such as jobs in ecotourism, but so far they have refused.

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  • Bridget Curran

    A huge thank you to Kaley Cuoco for speaking up for Canada’s seals! The commercial sealing industry is an industry that cannot survive without massive government subsidies via the Canadian taxpayer. It costs more to keep afloat than what it brings in. According to Dept of Trade, 2013 seal product exports were less than one-half a million dollars. The only seal processor in Newfoundland – Norwegian-owned Carino – has had to secure financing three years in a row in order to buy sealskins from sealers. This, despite admitting a couple of years ago there are already hundreds of thousands of pelts stockpiled, as no markets currently exist for them. Bizarrely, the Fisheries Minister set the quota this year at 400,000 although there are no markets and unwanted seal products already in storage. Nearly 10,000 defenceless baby seals have been slaughtered in four short days.

    Rebecca Aldworth of Humane Society International Canada is documenting the slaughter again this year. She has been reporting since Monday sealers are violating the Regulations and there is no government enforcement or monitoring of the killing. While Department of Fisheries and Oceans is tweeting claiming enforcement is taking place, eyewitnesses report the government is not enforcing the killing. Clearly, Canada’s DFO continues to mislead the public. As per usual, the spineless Canadian media looks the other way.

    The majority of Canadians oppose the cruel and unviable commercial seal hunt, yet the Canadian government continues to lavish millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on the brutal slaughter. It is time the Canadian government listens to the wishes of its people and puts an end to commercial sealing and implements a licence buyout.

    I am proud to be an Atlantic Canadian helping to shut down this cruel slaughter forever!

    Bridget Curran
    Atlantic Canadian Anti-Sealing Coalition

    • romika3

      I am proud to be a Canadian, I am proud to work with our first nations and northern peoples, I am proud to support efforts directed toward food security and the promotion of community based industries that promote sustainable coastal communities, I am proud to shake the hands of fishermen in Northern rural communities where there are no Walmart, McDonalds, Tim Hortons for them to throw down their nets and pride and work behind the counter for $10.00/hr. I respect the fishing cycle that includes seal. I wear sealskin boots that I had made in 1983 and they still serve me every winter. I love bottled seal and seal pie raised free range with no stress, no steroids, no antibiotics. I have seen “the people” give thanks over the kill, offer tobacco to the creator…… I have paid $28.00 for a head of lettuce in the north. I despise those sitting off in their southern leather chairs with big salaries and nothing better to do than than to pretend they are a hero in a land where they have never been……..

      • Bridget Curran

        No one is telling the Inuit they cannot kill, eat or wear seal. The Inuit had an exemption in the EU trade ban but for some reason the government never assisted them to capitalize on the exemption. I was told the government didn’t have the money. I found that odd, given the government continues to lavish money on the east coast commercial seal hunt and futile WTO challenges.

        Food security in the North continues to be a serious concern, one the Canadian government has neglected to address for far too long. It is not the fault of people sitting in their “southern leather chairs”, it is the fault of the Canadian government.

        And if you are including me in those “southern leather chairs” I can tell you that (1) I am vegan so don’t own anything leather; (2) I’m right here in Atlantic Canada where the commercial seal hunt occurs – and that’s what we’re talking about here – the east coast commercial seal hunt; and (3) I don’t have a “big salary”. I work an ordinary job for an ordinary pay. So perhaps you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    • Not

      Subsidy considered inhumane. Right to housing considered Humane. Subsidized housing inhumane. Right to be homeless.

      • Nacht

        Pay them not to Fish

  • romika3

    Unfortunately her post is riddled with errors. The seal population is now estimated to be over 10 million and growing. This season thousands of seals have met their fate in heavy ice. Perhaps seals should be outfitted with pfds. The myth that the Canadian taxpayer subsidizing the harvest continues. The term “baby” continues to be used out of context. Many of the 22 organizations that depended on funds raised on the backs of East Coast fishermen continue to do make their annual trips to collect selected video and images for fundraising. The six species of seals that are endangered continue to be ignored as there is no money to be made from them…….

    • Bridget Curran

      My post is not riddled with errors. I strongly suggest you check your facts. I myself have documented the commercial seal hunt for a few years and know the videos and images are not “selected”. It is reality. The evidence of government subsidies via Canadian taxpayers is easily available, if you choose to look. According to DFO statistics, the majority of pups killed during the commercial seal hunt are younger than three months of age. In truth, they can legally be killed as soon as they begin moulting their white coats, typically at 12 days of age. The pups killed are certainly not the self-reliant adults the government would like us to believe. Given seals do not reach maturity until about 5 or 6 years of age and have an average lifespan of approximately 30 years, a pup younger than 3 months could certainly be considered a “baby”. Your logic is flawed: If organizations are making money “on the backs of” east coast sealers, why are those orgs working so hard to shut the commercial seal hunt down? I don’t know where you got your 10M figure for harp seal population – not even DFO is claiming such a high population. The organizations that campaign against the commercial seal hunt also advocate for all animals throughout the world, endangered and non-endangered alike.

      • romika3

        We have lived the seal hunt for hundreds of years and lived in our coastal communities for five hundred years….. Don’t equate the age of seals with the age of human beings….government funding is a myth ie icebreaking services are not a subsidy for the seal harvest…… EI is not a subsidy for the seal harvest… and the list goes on and on.

        Perpetuating the myths of the seal harvest is business for your and many similar organizations. Change is easily brought about through partnership, collaboration, eduction, involvement and values clarification by stakeholders etc etc… I have been involved in the anti anti seal hunt for years now. SSCS, PETA, HSUS etc work by aliening and demonizing fishermen and creating a climate of hate…… I have seen it all from threats to families and their children, to hate pages, to setups and selected videos and photos, to lies and distorted date, to capitalizing on the rich and famous………. Barbara Frum’s interview with Paul Watson tells it all and when Paul McCarthy thought he was in Newfoundland protesting the harvest when he was really in PEI…..that alone say alot……

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