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Earth Day turned into an occasion to rejoice for vegans looking for high quality footwear. Dr. Martens has made finding great vegan options even easier by introducing their new line of earth and animal-friendly vegan shoes and boots.

“This collection offers our two most definitive styles – the 8-eye boot and 3-eye shoe – to the vegan consumer. The synthetic materials used are acutely vegan-friendly but this has not precluded quality, with this collection replicating our standard footwear down to the very last detail, even boasting a more natural feeling heel loop,” says Dr. Martens on their website.

Their shoes and boots even have air-cushioned soles for anyone concerned with comfort, especially if standing, or walking for long periods of time. Dr. Martens said the vegan footwear is true to size, and should adapt to a person’s foot after a few wears, just like their leather counterparts.


The brand’s one hundred percent synthetic material vegan footwear is just as awesome as the main line, but with the added bonus of being earth and animal-friendly. Plus there is no need to compromise on style with the collection because the shoes and colours are similar to the classic Dr. Martens. In fact, they look like a standard Dr. Martens so much that it may be necessary to inform people that they are not leather.


Some people with an ethical conscience may be concerned about supporting a company where most of their business comes from exploiting and making money off the skins of dead animals. Although purchasing Dr. Martens vegan shoes and boots can easily be compared to buying a veggie burger at McDonalds, there is a positive side to this product. The fact that classic footwear has been made specifically for vegans is something that should be celebrated, as it shows that veganism is making progress into mainstream ideology and culture.

Photo Credit: Dr. Martens


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  • Relp

    My husband gave me a pair of gorgeous blue vegan Doc’s for Christmas and they are absolutely amazing. You can walk miles in them, they are super durable, and do very well in the rain.

  • Roger Swaine

    Didn’t Dr Martin’s sell out and start manufacturing in Far East sweat shops to increase their profit margin a few years ago? Thanks, I’ll stick to my UK produced Tredairs – similar quality with air cushioned soles – and without the shipping miles.