by Maria Mooney
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Put down whatever you are eating because this story may turn your tummy and leave you saying “What?!”

Candra Kolodziej’s concern for the environmental impacts of the meat industry had her looking for alternative options. Instead of going vegan (the diet most noted for being environmentally friendly) and searching for protein sources that do not originate from animals, the 32-year-old came up with the horrible idea to turn to the pet store for her next meal. For one meal a day, Kolodziej ate animals that could be found alive and well at your local pet store, such as mice, minnows, crickets and mealworms.

Kolodziej claims that she didn’t do this experiment because she cares about the horrors of factory farming. She says, “At this point I should note that I’m not some granola here to chew your ear off about how fucked up factory farming is. In fact, I eat a lot of meat myself. I’m from northern Michigan, where there’s only one day in the Christian calendar year when most folks will intentionally choose fish, and I’m the type of heathen who doesn’t even abstain on that day. So this little experiment was done for my own sake, to know what sort of animal-based dishes I can look forward to when hamburgers are enjoyed exclusively by the one percent.”

Next time, we hope veganism seems like the best option to protest the environmental impacts of the meat industry. A good seitan dish can satisfy even the most devout carnivore.

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  • Mal

    Hmmm. Think I’ll celebrate being a one-percenter by cooking burgers for supper.
    And, BTW, Maria? Repellant as the thought is to you, even the best seitan dish will never replace animal-flesh for a “devout carnivore”.
    Go lie down quietly in a dark room – the nausea will pass.
    I suspect the ecoist penchant for scolding will not, however.

    • Tinoberserker

      Did you just call yourself a devout carnivore?

      • Mal

        I don’t believe I did. I was quoting herself; above.
        Surely you noticed that. Or are you dimwitted AND illiterate?

      • tinoberserker

        Oops. Completely read past that last sentence. Doesn’t mean you have to react the way you did.

      • Mal

        You’re right; I was churlish. I apologize.

      • Larry Bird

        Mal is a conservative; he/she doesn’t know any other way to react.

    • Larry Bird

      Pretentious much?

      • Mal

        Maybe. Glib is nearer the mark.
        BTW, Lar'; you do like your “celebrity” news don’t you? Glad you could tear yourself away for a minute or two!

  • Alice Cheshire

    Actually, the Chinese seem to have no problem eating rats. It’s reportedly a delicacy. I don’t see it’s worse that some other Asian dishes–spiders, etc.
    Americans reportedly have tried baby octopus, alive. Some countries eat horse meat. Every culture has a different set of things they will and will not eat. If the meat were properly prepared, I’d give it a try (Though not for the reason of the 1% having all the burgers–that’s unlikely and smacks of class envy.)

  • montana83

    Candra is just another Obama voter. Liberalislm is a mental disorder. This is proof. By the way Candra, Obama is one of the 1%.