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Personalities from The Today Show, including Al Roker, Matt Lauer, and Carson Daly, participated in a taste test of vegan meats versus animal meats on air today. They were shocked to discover that the dishes they guessed contained animal meat actually contained no animal products at all.

The television anchors lined up to a table featuring two dishes, chicken salad and chili, side by side with one containing animal meat and the other completely meatless, featuring Beyond Meat chicken and Beyond Meat beefless crumbles, respectively. With tastes and textures so real, no one can call it “fake” meat.

“I sort of bristle at the use of the word ‘fake,”’ said Beyond Meat CEO, Ethan Brown. “I just completely disagree with that. It is an assembly of amino acids, fats, and water that is just like what you get out of an animal, so in my view, it is meat.”

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Beyond Meat is backed by Twitter founder, Biz Stone, and Microsoft head honcho, Bill Gates. Beyond Meat has plans to release a beefless burger this summer, just in time for grilling season.

Whether someone is eschewing meat for the animals’ sake or for their own health, meatless alternatives are becoming more and more commonplace, and much tastier. Tending to be more affordable than animal meat, these products are also lower in fat, void of cholesterol and hormones, and taste amazing.

Check out the Beyond Meat website for product info, recipes, newsletter sign-up, and the occasional coupon.

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    This made me cry. To think of all the animals that may be saved from a life of misery, torture and death because of products like this. Wow. Speechless. Thank goodness for the money men backing this product.