jessica chastain in faux fur coat
by Natalia Lima
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Jessica Chastain stirred a bit of controversy this weekend when she was seen in a fur coat but do not fret. The coat, like the actress, is vegan.

Chastain posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Saturday wearing a leopard fur coat while hanging out with friends and having a vegan meal at Sadie’s Diner and Juice Bar in Toronto, Canada. The photo quickly racked up over 1600 likes and quite a few questions on whether the known vegan was pulling a Beyonce and wearing animal fur to an animal-free restaurant.

To clear the air Chastain posted shortly after another photo clarifying the situation.

“And for those questioning my coat #faux #leopard #fur,” said the caption for a photo of her coat along with an IMPOSTER tag.

IMPOSTER is a faux fur company that has been the furry choice for a number of animal loving celebs including Carrie Underwood and Emmy Rossum. The company doesn’t just make luxurious faux fur pieces that look like the real thing but also donates to animal rights organizations and works with the Humane Society of the United States to protect animals.

Chastain’s leopard print coat is from IMPOSTER’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, sold at Henri Bendel, Nordstroms and the brand’s website.

  • arnaud

    I love faux fur ! i is cool, animal friendly and greener than real fur. Good choice ! even non vegan people should wear it instead of the real thing.

  • Sabrina

    too bad IMPOSTER is made in CHINA