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kate mara vegankate mara vegan

Kate Mara Stopped Eating Meat After Seeing Factory Farmed Hens

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The ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Shooter’ star, Kate Mara is not only a vegan. She also disapproves of exploiting animals in the entertainment industry.

Mara first became a vegetarian ten years ago after she went on a road trip with her family. They drove past a chicken battery farm and all she could think of was the awful conditions that the poor chickens were forced to live in. “Just miles and miles of these awful coops, chickens living in cages and that’s their life. I was so disturbed by it, I decided I didn’t want to eat meat ever again,” said Mara.

Mara did not stop at just being a vegetarian. She eventually committed herself to becoming a full-fledged vegan. She said that the hardest part was giving up cheese, even though she knew eating it was not healthy for her body, and detrimental for the animals. Even her family was surprised when she finally resolved to give it up, but she said that she has never felt better. “People always assume if you’re vegetarian you can just live on cheese and meanwhile cheese is awful for your body even if tastes so good. I’m a massive animal lover too. Being vegan has been so good for me. I’ve never felt better,” said the toned and fit actress.

Although Mara portrays the leader of an anti-technology extremist group in the thriller “Transcendence”, her own direct action is even more important. She publicly speaks out against the use of Orcas in aquariums. “I’m very much against performing animals for our own entertainment,” said Mara.

It sounds like Mara has earned her wings as an ‘ethical’ vegan, as her choice of living on a plant-based diet is not solely for health reasons, but because she cares about the well-being of other creatures as well.

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  • stolo

    i really want to share this story but it’s so poorly written. headline should be “kate mara goes vegan!”

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