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Kaley Cuoco, American actress and animal activist, has made her feelings on the seal hunt very clear. “The Big Bang Theory” actress has reported feeling “disgusted” by the barbaric act in the past and continues to show her support for baby seals today. In response to a video posted by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) showing two seal pups escaping the mass slaughter, she tweeted yesterday:


The seal hunt is an inhumane and horrific practice that takes place each spring off the east coast of Canada. Callous seal hunters slaughter as many baby seals as they can, and the seal pup victims are either shot or hit with a hakapik, a spiked wooden club. These precious animals suffer tremendously, as they are impaled on hooks, dragged across the ice and cut open for their pelts.

The Humane Society’s Protect Seals Campaign is aimed at stopping the seal hunt and putting an end to this unnecessary practice. On April 24th, the HSUS announced that thanks to supporters donations, a milestone has been reached in the fight to shut down the commercial sealing industry. But there is still major work to be done, and you can help by donating to the worthy cause here.

Let’s all ban together to save the seal pups!

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  • MarkDonners

    Canada’s reputation is in the sewer because of this bloodbath atrocity led by the Harper criminal.

    Harper is a globally recognized as a dangerously corrupt political leader and is universally condemned by the global community. Harper uses extortion, threats and bribes to peddle his dirtiest oil on earth tar sands.. which has devastated once pristine Alberta ecosystems and wilderness and their native inhabitants.. along with many other of his cronies’ projects which harm environments worldwide. He has sabotaged climate talks, he blocks laws for animal cruelty and endangered species protection, he promotes horrific wildlife massacre bloodbaths, such as the harp seal pup bloodbaths (ignoring the entire world which has banned and boycotted Canada for that atrocity) and many other less publicized ones like elk massacres and endangered polar bear trophy hunts. he indulges in massive land and air pollution across Canada and clearcutting of old growth. Along with his crushing of laws upholding human rights, and his arms peddlng and warmongering, Harper has shown he’s simply a threat to the public and must be removed from public office

  • Robert Larrance

    I have no doubt that Canada needs to end seal killings of all types. I don’t care who is doing the killing or which seal is involved. Hey, Canada, move into this century! Stop Killing Seals! Ah, but Kaley…Kaley is appearing on a HSUS spot to raise money. She isn’t the only luminary doing such a thing. It is pretty clear that some big bucks are being spent to raise some big bucks for HSUS. And, why? Well, maybe the reason is to pay off legal costs for HSUS and not save Seals. It looks like the folks in the Humane society are in deep goo and to save their own behinds – not seals – they are desperately seeking money. Lots and lots of money. Go ahead and Google the law suit, it is funny stuff, even has RICO charges!