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Vegans who have been dreaming of the day when plant-based chains go coast-to-coast in America will be pleased to hear that the beloved Native Foods Cafe is now officially on that mission. Native Foods received $15 million to put toward their nationwide expansion goals.

Native Foods Cafe started in Palm Springs, California, in 1994. It currently has 16 locations in just four states (with five of those cafes just in Chicago). The $15 million will greatly fuel the chain’s efforts to reach more people across America.

“This really accelerates our expansion,” said Daniel Dolan, chairman and chief executive officer of Native Foods. “In the second half of the year, we’ll open one (restaurant) about every three weeks and by January, we’ll start opening two a month.” Dolan says the goal is to open 25-30 locations in 2015 and hopes to have more than 200 restaurants in five year’s time.

News of Native Foods’ expansion comes following news of other vegan eateries expanding and blossoming. Earlier this year, Cinnaholic, the all-vegan cinnamon roll eatery in Berkeley, California, announced that they were opening up to franchising opportunities. Veggie Grill, another plant-based fast-food restaurant chain, has lofty goals of expanding, according to their recent interview with Our Hen House. San Antonio, Texas, is about to be home to their first all-vegan drive-through fast food restaurant, Earth Burger, run by the folks behind Green Vegetarian, a successful vegetarian restaurant with multiple locations in the Lone Star state.

That last paragraph may have you rubbing your eyes and blinking hard, trying to wake yourself up, but this isn’t a dream. Veganism is definitely becoming more and more popular and accessible and businesses are eager to supply the demand for more delicious and healthy plant-based options. Plus, the more delicious vegan options are available, the more enticing they are to non-vegans, and the more vegan meals omnivores eat, the more animals will be saved.

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  • Karin Hauenstein

    YAY, YAY, YAY!!! I am so very, very excited about this! I believe that this is the next generation in fast food offerings that will eventually gain a significant portion of market share and change what the other chains consider serving forever.

    This change is inevitable and so very POSITIVE and GOOD!


  • Scott Geiger

    Please open 1 Native Foods in Philadelphia, PA, and another in King of Prussia, PA (or Phoenixville, PA)

  • Laura Menter Sabato

    Is it organic and non-GMO vegan?