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Singer, Ellie Goulding recently adopted a vegan diet, and while she’s feeling great, she admits that she misses one particular food from her pre-vegan days.

“I went vegan a few months ago. I feel leaner and healthier, but I miss cheese,” she told Us Weekly magazine. “A cheese plate with fruit is my weakness!”

Cheese is often a difficult food to transition from when people first go vegan. (Recent vegan, actress Kate Mara, also admitted to this!) Luckily, there are heaps of cheeses on the market to take the place of cow’s milk-based curds. To go best with a fruit plate, Goulding may want to try Kite Hill‘s line of nut milk-based artisanal cheeses. Tree Line also makes hard and soft nut-based cheeses, destined for fruit plates and wine tastings. Daiya is best known for selling melty, stretchy cheese shreds, but they also make cheese wedges in three different flavors. Or Goulding to give vegan cheeses a try DIY-style with a copy of Miyoko Schinner’s, “Vegan Artisan Cheese” cookbook. There are so many delicious vegan cheeses out there that no one need feel deprived while living a plant-based lifestyle!

What’s your favorite vegan cheese?

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  • infamouscrimes

    It’s because cheese is physically addictive due to it’s high casomorphin content. Eating cheese is even worse for animals than eating meat, imo, and worse for your health.