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by Natalia Lima
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Kellan Lutz is the new king of the jungle and his mission is to save it.

The actor, mostly known for playing sexy vampire Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga movies, is lending his voice to the new animated feature ‘Tarzan’ but to him, the part was more than just another role.

“I am very much an environmental activist; I work with a lot of charities to protect the rainforest and to stop the poaching of the tigers and apes, and just really trying to save our Earth. We are blessed to have these creatures and we are responsible for them,” explained Lutz during a recent interview. “When I read the script and saw how passionate Reinhard was, and seeing where he wanted to go with the story – protecting the jungle – it felt like home.”

The storyline for the new ‘Tarzan’ revolves around Lutz’ character, Tarzan, having to protect the jungle from a corporation that is trying to explore it for new sources of energy. Lutz hopes the current topic will strike a cord with viewers.

“I am passionate about what the cause is and the story that is being told, and the effect it will have on kids and adults in the audience,” he said. “It’s very modern and contemporary, and relative to the times that we live in.”

As part of the film’s message and mission, its Irish premiere in Dublin aided Ape Action Africa, a charity that protects and saves apes being trafficked and sold for their meat.

This isn’t Lutz’s first time using his fame to promote an environmental cause. The actor wore an eco-friendly tuxedo to the Oscars that was made of hemp, certified silk and rPET and dyed with logwood and marigold flowers as part of the Suzy Amis Cameron’s eco-fashion campaign, Red Carpet Green Dress, that encourages designers to come up with “green” and sustainable fashion designs.


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