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Things are looking up for animals in India! An Indian court has declared that the use of bulls in Jallikattu, an annual festival in which thousands of men chase the bulls to grab prizes tied to their horns, “severely harms” the animals and is punishable under the Prevention of Cruelty to the Animals Act.

The practice was banned in 2008 but reversed only four days later accompanied by specific guidelines to ensure safety of the people involved. The sport has existed for more than 2,000 years and has been considered an important cultural event to many. But what about the safety of the bulls?

Animal activists have been longing to end this practice for years and were thrilled the Indian courts finally took notice. “This is a landmark victory for animals in India. Year after year, court guidelines or laws were violated during jallikattu and bull races, and countless bulls and people have suffered and even painfully died,” a spokesperson for PETA  said.

We hope countries that engage in bull racing will take notice and follow India’s excellent example.

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VIA BBC News India

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  • ttt ttt

    this is rediculous.. when did supreme court makes law for what to do in tamil nadu.. it is deciding beyond the republic.. it must be upto the states..one size law does not fit for all states in india. i hope chennai high court rules against it and TN should not honour this SC ruling..

  • indian1521

    Haha! they’ll allow slaughtering of bulls and cows! but they wont allow bull racing and jallikattu.. Before modern vehicles bullock carts were the main mode of transportation.. SC can only prevent people from overloading the carts.. how can it ban them? SC can only lay down rules for proper conduct of Jallikattu.. how can it entirely ban it? Just because someone somewhere harmed an animal, doesnt mean you should ban it entirely! Let the supreme court first ban the killing of animals in the country.. no chickens, cows or bulls be slaughtered…

  • ankit

    First of all, get your picture correct. Know the difference between BULL and BUFFALO. In India people consider a cow a sacred animal, tell the world to inspire form that and stop eating BEEF. Now look at the picture below and tell me who is getting harmed.