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Surprisingly, Liam Neeson has not been shy about displaying his support for the cruel horse-drawn carriage industry in New York City’s Central Park. The action star recently invited NYC Major Bill De Blasio, who is fervently working toward banning the use of horse carriages, down to the stables where the animals are kept to see how they are “cared for”.

Neeson has said“It has been my experience, always, that horses, much like humans, are at their happiest and healthiest when working. Horses have been pulling from the beginning of time. It is what they have been bred to do.” And now the Irish actor is taking his support to the next level by lending his voice to a short film, directed Mary Haverstick and Michele Mercure, that addresses the controversy over horse-drawn carriages, but doesn’t forget to celebrate the bond between humans and horses that has existed for centuries.

“It became a labor of love. When we started interviewing people, it became much larger. This issue has more connections than people realize…quite a few will be affected if there’s a ban,” Mercure said.

In the film, Neeson says, “Should the government be able to shut down a legal, thriving, regulated business, rendering the skills and property of workers to little or no value?”

But what about the horses? Horses are not protected under the the Animal Welfare Act, so the responsibility of monitoring their welfare falls to local animal control officials, who are often too busy to truly protect these beautiful creatures. The horses are used until they are old and worn-out and then slaughtered for human or animal consumption. Not only are horses thrown out like yesterday’s garbage when they are no longer useful, but the horse-drawn carriage industry is also dangerous to horses and humans alike, as the list of accidents they are involved in grows.

Such a beautiful bond between humans and horses, right? Wrong. To support the ban of horse-drawn carriages, sign the petition.

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