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This breathtaking video starts with the placid scene of an elephant herd making its way across a rain flooded river with two calves in tow. What happens next shocked the camera woman, Sandy Gelderman, who was on safari in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

As the elephants cautiously make their way across the Ewaso Nyiro river, the six month old baby elephant decides it is his or her turn to take the plunge when a heavy current sweeps the sweet calf down stream. One courageous elephant elder tries his or her best to save the calf from being swept away but cannot do it alone against the powerful waters.

Have no fear! The rest of the elephant herd saw the disturbance, and one older elephant came to aid the pair in their rescue mission. Still struggling, the adult elephants, one behind and one in front, push the calf closer to the river bank, getting the baby to safety. It was a scene to celebrate, and the safari bystanders were not shy in expressing their excitement.

It’s safe to say that two elephants are better than one!

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  • Philico

    The elephant trying to rescue the calf is actually the mother. She is young and inexperienced and nervous as seen from the upward way she points her tail. The elephant that later comes to the rescue is the matriarch who is actually the leader of the herd and the most experienced one. Unlike the mother, the matriarch is very calm and seems to know exactly what to do. The matriarch is usually the oldest member in the herd and is one who leads the herd to good feeding grounds and water pools.