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Manchester United legend and current first team coach Phil Neville has revealed his switch to vegetarianism. In a new interview with PETA, Neville credits his plant-based switch to his wife. He says, “My wife’s been vegetarian for about four, five years now. I promised my wife that I would try it for two weeks. … I started to feel healthier, leaner. I started to feel great!”

One question you won’t hear Neville asking is “but where do you get your protein?” The trophy winning footballer knows very well and from personal experience that athletes can sustain their health and athletic performances on plant-based diets. He says, “It’s made me feel better. And I read studies – I hope it makes me live longer.” Neville is just one of many elite level, plant-based athletes, and he joins the list of high-performance individuals fueled by veggies, including endurance athlete Rich Roll, Iron Man Dave Scott and strongman competitor Patrik Baboumian.

Neville also understands the cruelty animals endure and the  environmental impacts of meat-heavy diets. He says, “I think people are understanding the benefits, not just for yourself but for … the environment. 2.5 million animals a day are being slaughtered. That is a damning statistic that we need to do something about. If everyone can even just do one day of not eating meat, then that … will mean that we live in a better world.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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  • sabita patwardhan

    Great when people go vegan for the sake of animals. The torture and abuse of animals in this world is enormous – but even enormous is not a big enough word.