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Actor Jason Biggs (Orange is the New Black, American Pie) has been quite vocal on Twitter about his hatred of SeaWorld ever since he watched the powerful documentary, “Blackfish”. Now, he’s raising more awareness about the suffering of SeaWorld’s captive animals in a biting new ad with PETA.

Biggs told Buzzfeed that it was those snarky tweets that caught the attention of the animal rights organization. “Once I started tweeting anti-SeaWorld jokes, PETA became aware of them. They reached out about making the video. I was like, ‘For sure, let’s do this.'”

In the video short, Biggs is trying to make a pro-SeaWorld commercial, but can’t keep a straight face nor prevent himself from leaking facts about what really happens at the marine park. Biggs delivers with the truth with some wicked sarcasm.

“Nothing says ‘family entertainment’ like incest and forced masturbation, am I right?!” he quips.

Biggs feels confident that this is the beginning of the end for SeaWorld.

“Bands have canceled performances, and I think it’s going to continue. People with any sort of consciousness will not support SeaWorld. You have to be totally ignorant or the devil to still support SeaWorld,” says Biggs.

Check out his hilarious PETA ad below and let us know what you think!

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  • Lisa Clark-kahn

    yayy love it,just keepin it real for sadistic seaworld.

  • Rachel B

    Absolutely brilliant. Well done to everyone involved