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Morrissey Talks Animal Abuse, Shocks Concert Audience

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Morrissey takes his veganism seriously. So seriously he is willing to walk away from conversations with new people he finds out are meat eaters and slam everyone from the president to the royal family for the attitudes toward animals. It’s no surprise then that during his concert, fans will get an earful on animal rights in between songs.

The english rocker took the stage in Denver, Colorado this weekend and he wasn’t shy about telling anyone listening about how he felt about the city’s treatment of animals.

“Of course freedom does not just mean for humans,” he said before leading into the song ‘Yes, I Am Blind.’ “I drove past the Denver Zoo, which boasts 4,000 animals from around the globe but I suppose what they should really say is 4,000 trapped, unhappy, suicidal, imprisoned animals.”

Later on he took to the subject of animal farming.

“I drove through Greeley, which is of course the murder capitol of Colorado. And if you don’t believe me, ask a cow,” professed Morrissey who then went into the charged song ‘Meat is Murder.’ And to really make the point clear, while he sang, videos of pig processing plants, overcrowded and inhumane chicken coops and other graphic animal abuse images flashed in the screen behind him.

He finished the song by falling to the floor, head cocked towards the audience (which was for the most part looking away from the screen themselves) and writhed and shook while the sanguine images continued on the screen.

He sure knows how to make a point, doesn’t he?

Via Reverb

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  • Jc Rodriguez

    He’s the one of reasons of why I became VEGAN.. Love you Morrissey..

  • Kathy T

    Can’t wait to see him!!!

  • Morrissey tells it like it is!

  • tao zen

    liberation. for all

  • MaryFinelli

    Morrissey, an activist’s activist.

  • Liv N Letlive


  • Rob Libera

    Morrissey.. Real people.. Real compassion

  • cath2

    He’s got the bollucks! Right on Morrissey!

  • Chris Dietrich

    Does anyone know if he is doing this at all his concerts?

  • sabita patwardhan

    He’s a great guy. Vegan for animals and not for his own health as a lot of celebrities ( although any kind of veganism helps animals). And how often does one hear of a person who never backs down and is always ready to lose popularity for those who have no voice. Your kind makes the world a happier place Morrissey.

  • SavannahVegan Kronson Bach

    I wish all celebs would use their status and power over the masses – predominantly teens – in this awesome way! I love Morrissey.

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