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Ken is a 9-year-old boy living in the Philippines. Ken has always dreamed of helping the stray animals in his town. Ken (and the Internet) made that dream come true by building an animal shelter out of his garage. Basically, Ken rocks.

While he was busy helping animals and posting pictures of his rescued friends on the Internet, those pictures went viral and donations started coming in. Ken, his dad, and some friends converted their garage into the non-profit, no-kill animal shelter of his dreams, The Happy Animals Club.

On The Happy Animals Club website, Ken shares his adventures as a young animal caretaker, which include feedings, bathing, and medical care. He posts pictures and adorable captions along the way.

From a March 1st entry, Ken wrote, “Today me and father gave the family of stray dogs a bath.it was probably the first time that these dogs took a bath.They were very scared and very dirty.we scrubbed a special soap that makes them get healthier and gets rid of the mange.it took a long time to give them a bath because we have to keep the special soap on their skin for 15 minutes and then you have to keep a special shampoo on their skin for 30 minutes.they do look much cleaner now but while we were giving them a bath Brownie pooped twice!”

Donations are still coming in and Ken reported that he signed a 1-year lease on a larger space for him to continue his lifesaving work with The Happy Animals Club.

Keep up the great work, Ken!

Photo credit: Happy Animals Club

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  • Michael

    Kudos to young Ken, what an awesome thing to do.

  • Hyeacheeg

    Lovely ROLE MODEL kid!