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by Maria Mooney
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A recommendation was approved on Tuesday by The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to contribute up to $5.265 million toward purchasing approximately 703 acres of mostly undeveloped land near Pepperdine University. About $4.5 million have already been promised by the Wildlife Conservation Board toward the purchase. A total of $12 million has to be raised to buy the land, and this week, the state Coastal Conservancy is scheduled to vote whether to provide the rest of the funds.

The land is one of the largest remaining privately-owned pieces of land in the Santa Monica Mountains and is privately owned by one of the world’s most famous and beloved film directors, James Cameron. The “Titanic” director originally bought the land intending to build homes on the vast property, but if the purchase is completed, it will be managed by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.

The land is home to several species of native grasses, chaparral, coast live oak woodland and mountain lions. “Because it’s privately owned, there are some entitlements on that property that, if they had been developed by real estate developers, would’ve disrupted all the environmental resources and values that that land is being purchased for. This preserves a piece of very important, sensitive wildlife habitat,” said County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.

Thank you, James Cameron, for your contributions to the film world and the environment.

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  • Siraganda

    James Cameron is a great soul and personality – and my very special hero! He got everything in life to make all the living beings happy – great karma, indeed!