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Metallica's James Hetfield Narrates 'The Hunt' Documentary

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James Hetfield, a nine Grammy award winner, and lead vocalist for the heavy metal band Metallica, will be the narrator for the eight-episode series “The Hunt” –  a documentary on bear hunts on Kodiak Island.

Although Hetfield seems like an unlikely choice in the role as narrator for a hunting documentary, it actually suits him. The musician describes himself as an enthusiastic outdoorsman with a passion for hunting.

The Kodiak bear, also known as the Kodiak brown bear, or the Alaskan grizzly bear, occupies the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago in South-Western Alaska. They are the largest subspecies of brown bear and one of the two largest members of the bear family, the other being the polar bear.

Bear hunting enthusiasts are drawn to Alaska’s Kodiak Island, because it is home to some of the world’s largest brown bears. The challenge of conquering and killing such powerful creatures brings these hunters pride in their accomplishments.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, hunters harvest about one hundred and eighty bears every year, with over seventy percent being males. They claim that by killing many of the males, they are controlling the bear population and are playing a vital role in preserving the ecological balance on the island.

It seems that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game does not think that nature can keep the ecological system in balance on its own, therefore, it is necessary to kill the fathers of baby cubs and use them for food and trophies.

“While getting a bear is no easy task, most hunters still value time-honored traditions by hunting with bow-and-arrow, black powder single-shot rifles, and/or use the minimum amount of technology possible,” History stated in its press release. “Honoring the animal is paramount and taught to all hunters who come to the island. Hunters have an ethical and legal responsibility to strive for clean kills that is taken very seriously. There are pages of stringent regulations they must follow that ensure respect for the animal and the land.”

If killing someone is honouring and respecting them, and destroying creatures that have as much right to freedom, justice and life as humans is considered humane and ethical, it is no wonder there is so much violence in this world.

Kodiak bears spend a lot less time and energy trying to capture and kill prey, than do their human adversaries. In fact, they avoid it as much as possible. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game explains in their fact sheet that “Kodiak bears are often touted as the world’s largest land carnivore (meat eaters), they are really omnivores (using a variety of foods). They actually spend more time eating grass, plants and berries than meat. Fish are an important part of their diets, but few Kodiak bears expend the time or effort necessary to chase and kill mammals.”

If anyone is interested in watching these magnificent bears being shot and killed by hunters, while cameras capture and exploit their deaths for entertainment, then you can watch the premiere of “The Hunt” on History on Sunday, June 8 at 10 p.m. WT/PT.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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  • Rob Animalrightsnow

    im at a concert this summer where they are playing the main stage we are thinking of bringing some protest posters with us there its at heavy MTL in august as i do not support this sickness and james should know better

    • Rosa Borisova

      I live in Montreal as well…would love to participate! Please let me know.

      • Rob Animalrightsnow

        you must be inside concert to join not sure if tickets are left

        • Rosa Borisova

          Isn’t better to protest outside Instead of paying him more money?

          • Rob Animalrightsnow

            its a weekend music fest i bought tickets to months ago

    • Lisa Scharin

      GREAT idea! You definitely have to do that! Make the posters big and VERY graphic too since Heavy Metal people seem to like that stuff- NO offense, but you should know who you are supporting and think about the morals and values involved!!! A lot of Heavy Metal music is pretty “dark and ugly”, so I would say- you need to feed your soul with more positive energy!!!

  • Rosa Borisova

    TOTALLY DISGUSTED! The ONLY thing humans need to “control” is themselves and their evil, greedy actions! One with some “dignity”,”pride”, “ethical responsibility” will NEVER murder another defenceless,clueless, helpless and innocent living beings just for the thrill, the “passion”, “fun”, “trophies” and profits!!! How about morals, compassion, respect for nature and it’s living beings?Just because you can it doesn’t mean is a good thing nor that you should! “Conquering” with force is just a pure murder. No matter the method. Murder is a murder! The self- proclaimed “hunters” have the falls sense of “power” thanks to their man- made tools but are weak and cowards without them. I want to see “hunters” fighting like real man just as the bears will fight for their cubs if they have to and it will be justified too! There is no reason to kill anyone in this time and era. Those who murder for no good reason have deep personal issues and problems. Unfortunately everyone else is going to pay hefty price for letting EVIL thrive!

  • Devan Brown

    Wow–last Metallica anything I will watch or buy. Had no idea they supported this crap. That’s all we need–another Ted Nugent…..

  • 2cc4

    Really disappointed in James. He’s off my retail list. Surely he doesn’t care. It shows. He’s turned into his own “thing that should not be.”

  • Mark Moore

    You animal rights people irritate me. Hunting, by nature, is at the human core. We are omnivores and we as a species eat red meat. Because of this we have been hunters since times beginning. If anything the regulations on hunting help animal population strive. No different than breeding and raising animals just for food. If you want to help the animals stop being vegetarians so that they have more food.

    • Lisa Scharin

      Actually, in the VERY beginning GOD gives us plant-based diet- Genesis 1:29-31 and it was VERY GOOD. It WAS Paradise, so NOTHING felt pain, fear, or suffered. Nothing died or was murdered either.
      There are millions of people who do NOT eat animal flesh, India, Asia and Mediterranean diets were and still are mostly plant-based. Hindus, Buddhists, Seventh Day Adventists don’t eat animal products and studies have shown them to be the healthiest people on the planet. Hunting requires a lot of energy, time and effort. I’d like to see you chase down a deer, bite it with your teeth, bring it down with your own hands! So before weapons were made, earlier humans did not eat many animals. Some of the largest mammals on the don’t eat “meat” either. Like Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Horses, Cattle, etc. and whales also.
      There are a lot of vegan/vegetarian athletes too-Boxer David Haye just announced he is vegan.Mike Tyson, Mac Danzig, Carl Lewis, Bill Pearl, Rich Roll, Andy Lally, Ricky Williams, Desmond Howard, Hannah Teter, etc. Also Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Alex Baldwin, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Prince Russell Brand, Natale Portman, Alicia SilverStone, Brigitte Bardot, Pink, Lady GaGa, Steve O, Paul McCartney ,etc.
      You don’t need to eat animals, nor eat animal products to be healthy!!
      In this day and age, it is not sustainable and factory farming is the cause of much of our water, land and air pollution. They have also caused Superbugs in which there are NO antibiotics to fight them! 23,000 people die from antibiotic resistant infections every year and it costs 35 million in healthcare and lost time on jobs every year! It’s the 21st century-there are a lot of great alternatives. Farm animals eat more food than they produce and we could feed 800 mill
      ion more people with the grains, etc. we feed livestock!

      • Mark Moore

        Funny you say that since humans destroy thousands of acres of habitat a year to produce more farm fresh vegetables. So that vegetarians and vegans can sleep better. Hypocracy is usually the basis for their arguments so yours is not surprising. I give my share of that to the animals so that I may still continue to enjoy my lust for animal flesh that I have a god GI end right to and a scientific need for.

  • Lisa Scharin

    Yes, I have written to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and to the History Channel as well, my respect for both is gone!! So, only 3500 of this UNIQUE species and a mortality rate of 25%. Not to mention 3 years with the mother and 4 years in between litters as an average-HMMMM! SO let’s kill em’ SHAMEFUL! These bears SHOULD be ON the Endangered Species list!! There are enough threats to our wildlife and the places they live in as it is now! Why are we stuck in the primitive, barbaric, dumb-witted dark ages???? In the 21st century we should ALL know better, be better educated and aware that ALL life is important and connected and needed to have a healthy balanced planet! EGREGIOUS to glorify killing and violence and broadcast it over the airwaves!!! NEVER ask “Why, how could this happen”???!!! When children go into schools and shoot teachers and fellow students! NEVER ask “Why, how could this happen”?? When children abuse and kill animals because they are “bored”???? SICK, DEMENTED!!! Anyone who thinks killing and spilling the blood of another living being is “sport” or “entertainment” is of he devil, for it is the devil that comes to kill, steal and destroy-NOT GOD! We cannot say we are humane when we accept, tolerate this type of programming as “entertainment”!! It is immoral and unethical and truly does glorify guns and gun violence and killing! REPREHENSIBLE!!!! I won’t be watching the History channel anytime soon!

  • Jerome

    I would love to hunt Kodiak! James does a great job narrating the show…AND TO All of you liberal PUSSIES!! YOU SHOULD GO TO KODIAK ISLAND AND COVER YOURSELVES WITH CHICKEN LIVER BLOOD AND STAY THERE FOR A MONTH!!!

  • Bad apple

    What does this barbaric crap have to do with history anyway , shame on the history channel !

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