Former SeaWorld trainer John Hargrove scores book deal
by Allyson Koerner
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Former orca trainer and “Blackfish” star John Hargrove is swimming new waters. The whale advocate just signed a book deal with Macmillan Publishing to write a memoir about his time as a SeaWorld trainer.

As first reported by TheWrap, the former SeaWorld trainer, who worked at the theme park for 14 years, will chronicle his time as an employee and former trainer of killer whales. Titled “Beneath the Surface,” the memoir sets out to tell the stories of the whales Hargrove worked with and came to love. The book will showcase his experiences and advocacy for this to be the last generation of killer whales in captivity.

Just like the documentary “Blackfish,” Hargrove’s book will raise awareness about the issue and help put a stop to SeaWorld’s captivity of these most precious animals.

In addition to his time spent filming and writing, Hargrove is known for urging California and New York state legislatures to pass bills banning SeaWorld from keeping killer whales in captivity for entertainment.

Expect to see “Beneath the Surface” on bookshelves sometime during the spring of 2015.

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