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Vegan Supermarket Chain to Come to US in 2016

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Jan Bredack wasn’t always a passionate vegan. In 2011, the former meat-lover started the world’s first vegan supermarket chain called “Veganz“. Founded in Berlin, Germany, the business venture has proven successful with plans to open dozens of branches across Europe.

In 2009, Bredack turned to veganism after suffering burn-out from a less than balanced life. After changing his lifestyle and ethical code, he wrote the book “Vegan für alle: Warum wir richtig leben sollten” (Veganism for everyone: Why we should live right) to share his transformation with the masses, but that wasn’t where he stopped.

After several trips abroad, the veggie entrepreneur, exposed to vegan products in other countries, decided to open his first store. Bredack says, “The decision to open a vegan supermarket came from a potpourri of ideas after coming across various vegan products in the US and Russia.” He noted that it was difficult to “shop normally” when one adopts a vegan lifestyle, and he wanted to make the switch to veganism more accessible to everyone.

Get excited, Americans! Bredack plans on taking his vegan chain to the United States soon. In 2016, Veganz will open a vegan shopping center in Portland, Oregon, the U.S. vegan homeland.

Will you be shopping at Veganz?

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  • Colette

    Come to northern CA! Sacramento/Folsom Veganz PLEASE!

  • AnaCampos

    Come to South Florida.. Double please!

  • NoBrain NoHeadache

    I would love to shop in his market. It would be so much easier knowing everything is Vegan. Come to SoCal.

    • Arlo Toews

      Check out Viva La Vegan Grocery

  • Central Florida! I’m you’re customer here! 😉

  • Mark Aaron

    yes i will be shopping there.

  • yg

    Please come to Puerto Rico !! we need vegan friendly markets !!!

  • Jonathan Freeman

    Yes, I would shop there but I doubt there will be a market in Southern AZ. But I will be positive and think good attracting vibes.

  • Eric_Jaffa

    I’ll shop there if they open a location near me in Minnesota.

  • Anke Arnold

    Absolutely will I shop there! Come to the US fast, please.

  • In Portland baby! I love it here so much!!!

    • JAL

      You already have a locally owned vegan market! Suppoer Food Fight!

      • You assumed I do not, but I already support “Food Fight!” The more the merrier.

        “Food Fight!” is very limited in what they sell. “Veganz” is a one-stop shop, but of course I’ll still buy things from “Food Fight!”

  • DebbieKat

    Please come to the Seattle area! The eastside would be even better for me! 🙂

  • Kate

    Hell yeah! Another FL vote here!!

  • animalfreeconsumer

    I think calling it Veganz will repel a lot of Americans who might like the food if they tried it, but have an impression of “vegans” as an eccentric group. I say this as someone who has lived that way for over 30 years. I hate the word, but hope he succeeds.

  • tplvth

    Wow I’m surprised they wouldn’t go to LA first

  • Bremix Remix

    If it weren’t for so many amazing vegans spreading information about veganism and making recipes available then I might not have ever known about veganism! Thank you so much! Every thing counts! The world gave me a door to a new way of life!

  • Larissa

    Come to Brasil, São Paulo!

  • veggiegrrrl

    san francisco has more vegan restaurants than portland but portland has cheaper real estate…..

  • JLA

    If I lived in Portland I would just continue to supper the local vegan grocery store that they already have, Food Fight! has been there for 11 years and they’re great people! Support your LOCAL vegan grocery if you have one!

    • The more vegan options the better for all and everyone of us and this looks to be completely different than Food Fight. We can support them all!

      Much respect…

      • JLA

        I respectfully disagree. Not that more vegan options are better but more so on a realistic level, veganism is still a niche marker and I don’t think ANY city with the exception of San Fran or NYC could support 2 vegan markets. This is going to be bad for Veganz’ bottom line and horrible for Food Fight who has been part of the vegan community for a long time and actually cares on a deeper level about veganism and other related ideologies.

        • According to Veggie Grill (vegan restaurant) owners, about 70 percent of their customers are not vegan. If only vegans shopped ANYWHERE, the business would go out of business because there’s not enough vegans around to keep vegan businesses financially successful. I guarantee you, ANY vegan business–no matter what it is–that is still around is do mainly to non-vegans shopping there.

        • sss

          There are two vegan grocery stores in LA that do quite well.

          • kendalinwonderland

            Oh nice, what are they? I’m not aware of them, I’d love to shop there!
            There’s a vegan store in Paris, Un Monde Vegan, that sells only vegan things… which is amazing to find in Paris. I’m worried about them though, they said they don’t move products very fast. I wish they had fresh fruits and veggies too. It’s all packaged things. But it’s a start.

        • AndrewinPDX

          Food fight is more of a convenience store than a real grocery store. It a few items that can’t be found at the other grocers in Portland, though a lot of their vegan products can be found at New Seasons. A place that has 80 vegan cheeses though??? There’s nothing like that in Portland. Or anywhere else in the USA as far as I’m aware. Biodynamic produce? That’s not anywhere here either.

    • Having only one vegan place to shop at any given place is nonsensical.

  • GreeneWolfe

    Austin is the most vegan friendly city in the country, not Portland.

  • Laura

    Bring one to portland oregon! It will be. Instant hit!

  • Come to NC GREENSBORO…WHOO HOO..this will be great for when it gets cold here and i can not grow my veggies off season !!

  • rodentx2

    WELCOME! Please come to Sun City West, AZ! Already my local Safeway supermarket is starting to stock more vegan options!

  • René Álvarez

    Hopefully, other entrepreneurs will do the same and residents of other cities won’t have to wait so long.

  • SavannahVegan Kronson Bach

    Please come to Namibia … we have a new mall just about to open … it would be heavenly to see a Veganz Supermarket in there …..


  • heather9955

    WORCESTER, MA!! Come here!! Please!! We have a wonderful vegan community here! Or Boston.. it’s huge there too!

  • golden

    Yes, please open them everywhere.

  • John Metal

    I live in Portland and I will certainly shop at his store!

  • sherri

    hagerstown maryland please please please bring it here! i would never shop any where else!

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