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jessica bieljessica biel

Jessica Biel Asks PETA Question at SeaWorld Shareholders Meeting

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SeaWorld held their annual meeting on Thursday and had an unexpected celebrity appearance as Jessica Biel asked when their orcas will finally be released.

Biel’s cameo at the annual meeting was part of a master plan devised by PETA. When the water park went public last year, PETA purchased stock from their enemy target so they could have a say in their annual meetings and work on behalf of the animals from the inside (quite cunning, no?). Their chance to get their voices heard came on Thursday and they chose a very special speaker: Jessica Biel.

The actress and Justin Timberlake’s wife was, like many around the world, moved after watching the documentary ‘Blackfish’ and partnered with PETA to set the orcas free. During the meeting, which was held online, Biel submitted her question to the park’s top officers and shareholders.

“With the release of the documentary Blackfish and PETA’s educational campaign, the public now knows about the devastating effects of keeping orcas captive and closely confined at SeaWorld. Frustrated orcas like Tilikum have worn their teeth down to the nubs by chewing on their enclosures, their dorsal fins collapse, and they die prematurely, reject their young, and harm and kill humans. SeaWorld then tries to mask the orcas’ psychosis with psychotropic drugs. As the public hears about this, ticket sales decline. When will SeaWorld develop a plan to move the orcas to a sea pen in a natural setting in line with public opinion?” said Biel.

The answer to the question, which SeaWorld’s CEO wouldn’t read verbatim to shareholders, was disappointing. Jim Atchison, president and chief executive officer of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment replied with the park’s standard rebuttal even though scientists have disproven the arguments over and over.

Via SeaWorld of Hurt

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  • Shannon Milling

    Go Jessica and go PETA! #fuckseaworld

    • betty sue

      maybe she should do some research first and get the facts.

      • Shannon Milling

        maybe you should give a shit about animals?? I have done lots, thank you.

      • ice098

        Betty Sue go and lock yourself in your bathtub for the rest of your pitty life for that comment..Just like they do to the poor orcas

  • Glad to see more celebs adding their voice to the movement! 🙂

  • mary jane

    celebs just jump on whatever bandwagon is trending at the moment.

    • MatDreamSpeaker

      People who dehumanize “celebrities” can’t be expected to empathize with non-human intelligence.

      • Karl Malloy

        humanized non-human intelligence

    • Sandra Bell

      Some of the vain airheads do, but there are those who are deeply committed and make consistent efforts to shine a light on abuse of the innocent. The wonderful, award-winning actor, James Cromwell, is one of the intelligent and committed. Although Ellen Degeneres cares about animals, she does not see the connection between the disease charities and vivisection. Therefore, she unwittingly champions the Pink Ribbon (Komen) racket, which was created and funded by the pharmaceutical conglomerate.

  • cowbulls

    What a shame that Biel has been brainwashed by the animal extremists at PETA.

    • ice098

      Nobody was brainwashed..Blackfish is out,people know the truth there is no doubt about how the orcas are treated in Seaworld..Why don’t u live in your bathtub for the rest of your fckin life and do tricks for money so people can take advantage of u moron??

      • cowbulls

        PETA is a heck of a lot worse than SeaWorld.

        The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), a restaurant
        industry front group, publicized statistics showing that PETA killed almost 90 percent of the dogs and cats placed at its shelter last year, a much higher percentage than other shelters in Virginia. CCF says that since 1998, the shelter has euthanized a total of 29,398 pets.

        The restaurant group says the statistics show that PETA is being hypocritical in its defense of animal rights.

        “With a $30 million annual budget, PETA could make an effort to provide for homeless animals — if it wasn’t too busy harassing farmers, diners, and shoppers with media
        stunts,” CCF said in a statement. “PETA can run, but it can’t hide from its shameful animal-killing record.”

        • ice098

          Cowbulls Peta is not on trial here,Seaworld is ..Peta is not perfect but they still lead when it comes to saving animals worldwide they saved a lot of animals and achieved a lot more than Seaworld ever will..Peta do some good and do some bad yes,but Seaworld only do bad ,cause keeping orcas in small bathtubs and force them to do tricks for money,keep them away from their families is not benefit the orcas in any way..Do your fckin research..We talking about the orcas here and they need to be saved from that money hungry torture chamber ,if u wanna talk about Peta and the cats and dogs that’s another page another time ,stick with the subject..What peta does to dogs doesn’t chance the fact that Seaworld torture orcas and those orcas need to be saved too!!!

          • cowbulls

            Biel was there representing PETA. PETA is horrible. They have zero credibility.

          • ice098

            cowbulls instead of criticizing peta why don’t u just go out there and help those animals??If u worry about the dogs somuch go and adopt or foster ,your whining about peta not gonna save any animals..Moron..What do u do to help these animals beside sit on your computer and whining about Peta???

          • Karl Malloy

            People like you who make excuses for dogkillers sicken me.

          • EthanCooper

            PETA operates a shelter of last resort. They are called to euthanize dogs who are dying by the side of the road, feral cats with FIV, and animals whose guardians have let them suffer for too long because they weren’t ready to say good-bye. Most of the adoptable animals that PETA takes in, they take immediately to open-admission shelters where they will get much more visibility. It doesn’t do much for the “numbers” but PETA has never been too worried about the numbers.

          • EthanCooper

            And yes, I am a proud PETA supporter.

          • Karl Malloy

            People like you who make excuses for dogkillers sicken me.

          • ice098

            Jessica Biel try to save the orcas that is the subject now..Peta helped more animals worldwide than u will ever will..The reason why those dogs being put to sleep is because stupid people abandon them and get rid of them when they get bored or when their cute puppy get old..Peta is not responsible for the people’s stupidity..The puppy mills,the backyard breeders and the people who drop their dogs and cats are responsible for this..Peta is not perfect sure they do some good and bad ,but you people only care about cats and dogs when there is so many animals out there in trouble and if peta won’t exist than not just all dogs and cats would put to sleep but nobody would fight for the orcas in seaworld,horses ,tigers and other animals either..Use your brain u morons..The reason why all those dogs go to the shelters in the first place because people keep breeding dogs instead of spay/neuter them ,and people get rid of their pets when they are not cute puppy anymore..Why u blame it all on Peta??If u worry about the dogs so much why don’t u go there and adopt a dog instead of dissing peta?This article is not about Peta is about save the orcas from Seaworld so do something for these animals instead of just sit there and running your mouths!!That’s not gonna help any animal ..Instead of sit there and judging peta ,go out and help these animals your whining and crying not gonna save them!!

          • Karl Malloy

            Jessica Biel wants SeaWorld to release all of the Orcas to PETA so they can take them to their shelter in Virginia and kill all of them.

  • Meaghan Emery

    Initial results of a Pollshare showed that most people found SeaWorld’s practices inhumane. However, after the poll was shared in the comments section of a San Diego Times article, a sudden surge of votes appeared in favor of the theme park’s treatment of it’s orcas. We’re calling upon you to voice your opinion on this matter! Please share this post to spread the word and vote here: http://pollshare.me/1lhdoah

  • Sandra Bell

    These animal slave traders are going to clutch and hang on by their fingernails to the financial windfall they have created for themselves on the backs of innocent marine life, whose only crime is having been born onto a planet run by greedy, unconscious, vile humans.

    • ice098

      well said

  • ice098

    Seaworld need to release the orcas and create a natural habitat for them in the sea ..a huge enclosure if they can’t release them back to the wild..We tired of the cruelty we tired of seeing how these idiots use these animals for profit..Seaworld sucks and if u go there and take your kids there u support that torture!!Go Jessica!!!

  • ice098

    Seaworld need to release the orcas or create a natural habitat for them in the sea ,a huuuuge enclosure if they can’t release them back to the wild..We tired of the cruelty, we tired of seeing how these idiots use these animals for profit..Seaworld suck and if u go there and take your kids there u support that torture!!Go Jessica!!!

  • kelley wyskiel

    When celebrities use status and voice to give a voice to the voiceless it is something to be grateful for. Many of them have much more influence over many more people to raise concern, ask questions and get more involvement to make things better. I don’t question the why when the result can only be a positive one. Regardless of what PETA does or does not do, they also have tons of research, influence and persuasion to help push people to see things many refuse to admit exist. There is no one person or organization that I 100% agree with and give blind support to, but I will always agree to support what lessens harm and brings more kindness.

    • ice098

      well said..

  • Alisa Mullins

    FYI, part of SeaWorld’s p.r. strategy is to participate in comments pages.

  • suzannecarlson

    Blackfish is a must-see film. This important documentary, coupled with award-winning author David Kirby’s Death at SeaWorld, should be the final nails in
    any belief that keeping intelligent and social animals jammed in
    concrete tanks is acceptable. The meticulous research uncovered in both
    the film and the book provide irrefutable proof that captive orcas live
    in misery and die young at the marine parks.

    Orcas at SeaWorld are never retired; they work until they die. More
    than two dozen orcas have died prematurely at SeaWorld facilities just
    since the mid-1980s from causes ranging from severe trauma, intestinal
    gangrene, acute hemorrhagic pneumonia, pulmonary abscesses, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular failure to septicemia, influenza and brain necrosis. They are dying far short of even their average lifespan in the wild.

    More and more families are refusing to buy tickets to marine
    abusement parks. The days of enslaving social ocean dwellers in concrete
    bathtubs are coming to an end. Please don’t patronize these theme parks. Your ticket, your fault. It’s that simple.

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