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by Joan Reddy
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Pamela Anderson is asking everyone to join her in refusing to attend marine parks such as SeaWorld, and to tell Groupon to stop promoting cruel animal shows.

Groupon is a deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates, coupons and tickets usable at local or national companies. Groupon is promoting animal abusers by selling discounted tickets to animal-based circuses, marine parks, and many other disreputable companies. A few of the animal-based circuses that they promote are the Ringling Bros., Carson & Barnes Circus, and IniverSoul Circus. In addition to the circuses, Groupon also sells tickets to SeaWorld, Suncoast Primate Sanctuary, and G.W. Exotic.

According to the people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), “G.W. Exotic is currently under federal investigation for the deaths of 23 tigers at its roadside zoo in Oklahoma, and Ringling handlers were caught on video beating and jabbing elephants with bullhooks—weapons with a sharp metal hook on one end.”

“Animal abusers are trying to draw visitors in by offering deeply discounted tickets in partnership with Groupon. But if we join together and speak up now, we can convince Groupon to sever ties with the likes of SeaWorld and Ringling Bros. — and cut off one of the last tools that these companies have to prop up their abusive businesses,” said Anderson.

Documentary films such as Blackfish, as well as public outcry, have influenced many major companies including MasterCard, Visa, Ford, and Travelzoo, to stop promoting animal-based acts. Anderson said that “the backlash against companies such as SeaWorld is in full swing, and it’s only growing stronger. Musical acts such as Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies have canceled appearances at the park in recent months, and New York hot spot Bagatelle canceled SeaWorld’s 50th anniversary party after hearing from PETA.”

Anderson asks everyone to “[s]peak up now for orcas, elephants, and other animals trapped and tormented by the entertainment industry! Tell Groupon to stop promoting cruel animal shows and cancel these deals today.”

Click here if you want to help Anderson and PETA convince Groupon to stop promoting animal abusers.

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  • 35fd3et3f34t3r

    Someone should tell Pamela Anderson she should stop abusing animals. After all, the very make up she wears is developed in laboratories using animals.
    Also, I’m pretty sure she drinks Pepsi/Coke products. These products are sold at Seaworld and other animal abuse centers.

    Oh, please stop the insanity.

    • Vanessa Sarges

      How do you know that the beauty products that she uses aren’t cruelty free? There are dozens upon dozens of cruelty free cosmetic companies out there that produce countless products that are not tested on animals. They range in price from high end salons right down to your neighbourhood drugstore.
      Believe it or not – the days where vegans were non-makeup wearing, non-deodorant using, grey haired, patchouli scented hippies is long gone.

  • maryjane

    once again, a celebrity jumping on a bandwagon without knowing the facts! It amazes me!!