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Actor Ian Somerhalder has been spreading the message that poaching wild elephants in Africa is cruel and inhumane, and is asking everyone to help stop these atrocities.

The tragedy that provoked Somerhalder to tweet up a storm in defense of elephants was the death of Satao, a fifty-year-old elephant who was recently poisoned to death by ivory poachers in Kenya. Satao was one of the largest and oldest bull elephants in Kenya’s Tsavo Conservation area, and possibly the world. Satao had tusks weighing more than a hundred pounds, making him a prime target for ivory poachers. The Tsavo Trust, a not-for-profit organization located in Kenya, said the poachers shot Satao with a poisoned arrow, and then proceeded to hack off the elephant’s face and take his ivory tusks.

It is not surprising that after hearing the news about Satao, Somerhalder would be trying to find a way to put an end to elephant poaching. The thirty-five-year-old actor has already shown his appreciation and respect for animals by starting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. The non-profit not only raises money to help animal rescue organizations and sanctuaries, but its mission is also to educate people about animal exploitation. Somerhalder not only focuses on improving the lives of animals, but also focuses his attention on the environment as well.

One of the greatest threats to many species is poaching, where wildlife parts and products are illegally sold both locally, and on an international market. Poaching is particularly rampant in Africa, and Asia, where elephant tusks are turned into ivory trinkets, and rhinoceros horns, bear gall bladders, and tiger bones, are used for medicinal purposes, and as aphrodisiacs to name just a few.

Somerhalder explains to people that tusks are not trinkets. He tweets

According to the most recent figures from the Kenya Wildlife Service, 97 elephants have been poached in Kenya this year, but Tsavo Trust said “I estimate, from the reports I have seen, that the elephant poaching in Kenya is at least 10 times the official figures.”

Somerhalder encourages his younger fans to tell their parents how they feel about animal poaching, and to spread the word that this is unacceptable. He tweets

Many people are horrified to hear about these magnificent creatures being slaughtered for their ivory tusks, but very few bother to try and do anything about it. Somerhalder calls everyone into action to do something about it.

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