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Lily ColeLily Cole

Lily Cole Urges People to Go Veg to Save the Planet

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Lily Cole makes it her business to be an activist for animals and the environment. She just released a line of eco-friendly fair trade shoes, owns her own company of fair trade knitted scarves and even created a social network, impossible.com, that connects people with altruistic aspirations to help one another. In a recent interview the model, actress, activist and entrepreneur opened up about what drives her to promote change.

While she admitted she’s not perfect, Cole said she tries her best to make her actions count.

“Using a refillable bottle for tea/drinks when I can, shopping in local co-ops/buying organic as much as possible. I have a predominantly vegan diet and when I eat dairy I try and ensure it is organic/free range,” said Cole. “I believe in the power of purchasing choices and so try and see where things I buy come from.”

Ideally, Cole said, she dreams of one day being able to grow most of what she eats but for now she focuses on doing the least harm she can do by eating a mostly plant based diet.

“I am an aspiring vegan… which means I have been trying to be but am not always as it isn’t always easy, and so I try and keep a balanced attitude when I can’t be,” she admitted. “In my heart of hearts I know I want to be a vegan though, and am very happy when I manage to be. I am mostly concerned about factory farming of animals, and do not want to support or encourage that through using milk or eggs that comes from unknown sources. It’s not easy when traveling and I still have mixed feelings about eating honey or occasionally free range eggs.”

And that heart of hearts wish is also an advice she gives to anyone wanting to do their part in saving the world. When asked what she would say to someone who wants to protect the environment, her answer is simple: go veg.

“Paul McCartney would say become a vegetarian! And there is intelligence behind that comment as meat farming contributes a significant amount of carbon dioxide (between 14 and 22 per cent) to the atmosphere (beyond the ethical considerations). Maybe become a vegetarian more often if that’s easier?!” she joked knowing her own struggles. “I would say really think about the power you have every time you buy something – you are voting for that system of doing things. That applies to food, clothes, everything. Ask questions.”

Via Glamour UK Magazine

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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