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by Joan Reddy
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HBO’s ‘Real Time’ host Bill Maher has lost all respect for actor Liam Neeson, because the Hollywood star has been outspoken about his support for New York City’s horse-drawn carriage industry.

“My life-long Liam Neeson fandom has ended, I can’t stand to look at him,” Maher said. “Why a guy would go out of his way to champion animal abuse, I have no idea.”

Following New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio’s support for a ban on horse-drawn carriages, Neeson has emerged as one of the industry’s most vocal supporters. He led city council members on a tour of a Manhattan stable in an effort to prove the horses were well-cared for, and he has written letters to City Hall asking the mayor to reconsider banning the carriage rides. He even went so far as to oppose de Blasio’s proposed solution of introducing the electric vintage ‘Horseless eCarriage’, which would be a beautiful addition to the New York City landscape, is environmentally friendly, and would put a halt to the animal abuse that is associated with the horse-drawn carriage industry.

In a new video by PETA, Maher blasted Neeson’s support for New York City’s controversial horse-drawn carriage industry.

Maher said that he will no longer watch his movies, unless he is stuck on a plane with no other option. “If I was on a plane maybe I’d watch one of his movies,” said Maher.

Maher explained that it is one thing to be in favour of the horse-drawn carriage industry, but quite another to make it your mission to promote. Maher said that Neeson should “just shut up” about it. “I just don’t get making that your cause,” he added.

Maher, a New York native, said that his own feelings about the horse-drawn carriage industry are so strong he once had to change hotels in order to be further away from Manhattan’s Central Park where he could smell the horses, and was constantly reminded of the cruelty these animals endured. “I used to stay on Central Park and I would smell the horse shit and be constantly aware of this abuse going on and it bothered me and I had to move the hotel to some place where I wasn’t thinking about it all the time,” he explained.

“If anyone has ever seen a horse run wild, even in movies or whatever, you know that’s the furthest from the way these animal should be,” he concluded in the video. “I mean they have a wonderful spirit and to get them to do that job, you have to completely break it.”

So far, Mayor de Blasio still has not delivered on his promise to rid New York City of  horse-drawn carriages, and save the horses from a lifetime of abuse.

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