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Musician and animal rights activist, Morrissey, has just released a new song “The Bullfighter Dies,” alongside a spoken word video from his upcoming record.

Although Morrissey had to cancel a string of US tour dates, because of a respiratory infection he caught in Miami, he still has plans to complete his new album “World Peace Is None Of Your Business.” His latest addition to the album “The Bullfighter Dies,” examines the cruelty and exploitation towards animals used in the sport of bullfighting. In the song, Morrissey takes the side of the innocent animal that is thrown into the ring, and forced to perform without any choice of his or her own.

“Mad in Madrid / Ill in Seville / Lonely in Barcelona / Then someone told you and you cheered / You cheered ‘Hooray!’ ‘Hooray!’ the bullfighter dies / And nobody cries / Because we all want the bull to survive,” Morrissey belts out in the opening verse and chorus, making it very clear in the lyrics whose side he is on.

Each year, approximately 250,000 bulls are tortured and killed in bullfights around the world. Bullfighting is referred to as a sport, and sometimes even an art form, but in reality it is nothing more than animal cruelty, disguised as entertainment.

In order to make it easier for the Matador (Spanish for “killer”) to overpower the bull, the animal is often drugged, and deprived of food before entering the ring. Sometimes the illegal practice of “shaving” takes place, where a few inches of their horns are sometimes sawed off to expose the nerve and impair their coordination.

During the fight, the bulls are stabbed and gouged repeatedly with lances and banderillas – brightly coloured sticks with harpoon points – by a series of picadors and banderillos (men on horseback and on foot). They chase the bull around, making him dizzy and causing a significant amount of blood loss with each stab before the Matador even enters the ring. The Matador then attempts to kill the bull with a sword. If the Matador is unsuccessful, an executioner is called in to stab the animal to death. The amount of stress, abuse and cruelty the bull suffers prior to their death is enormous, enduring the piercing of their neck with barbed lances and multiple stabs with wooden sticks with spiked ends. The bull is tortured throughout the spectacle and the public, children included, are witness to the cruelty. In some cases, the bull is still conscious when removed from the arena, and often sold to slaughterhouses if they survived the bullfight.

“The Bullfighter Dies,” opens to the sound of trumpets, but eventually evolves into a victorious upbeat anthem, while Morrisey shouts “Horrays,” that the bull survived the ordeal, and the Matador met with his death.

Today, Morrissey shared “The Bullfighter Dies.” As he did with the title track “Istanbul,” and “Earth Is the Loneliest Planet, – a spoken word video starring actress and animal activist Pamela Anderson – Morrissey created a spoken word video to accompany “The Bullfighter Dies.” Watch and listen to both below.

The Bullfighter Dies (Audio)



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