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It’s not breaking news that universities across the country are dropping the ball when it comes to handling sexual assault cases. With many cases being denied or hidden away and with only a portion of offenders receiving barely a slap on the wrist, this issue is just another corner of the news world that terrifies and silences women.

Recently, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart covered an incident at James Madison University. A female student reported a harassment case that involved male students pulling down her bikini top and filming it, then circulating the video. Thinking this should be a pretty easy case to handle with clear evidence, the offenders were to be expelled upon graduation.

“‘Expelled upon graduation’?!” shrieked Stewart. “Isn’t that… graduation?!

Stewart reported that 55 universities are currently under investigation for the ways they handle sexual assault cases, which led to some “campus safety tips” from Jordan Kleper and Jessica Williams. As Kleper and Williams alternate on their safety tips, it becomes more and more clear the drastic differences between what male students and female students need to look out for on campus. While Kleper jokes and shares laughable wisdom like, “Beer before liquor, never been sicker” and “Bros before hoes,” Williams urges her fellow female students to watch out for roofies (“Don’t be a doofie, watch out for a roofie”), never leave your girlfriends at a party, never walk home or take a cab alone… You get the idea. In the end, Kleper turns to Williams and says, “Let’s be real. You’re telling me that women just spend their whole day navigating an obstacle course of sexual menace?”

“Yeah,” says Williams. “Pretty much.”

Watch the full clip below.

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  • JR Johnson

    Read a book by Randy Thornhill & Craig T. Palmer surrounding rape. Professor Thornhill is an evolutionary biologist while C.T. Palmer is an anthropologist. The fact is that rape is a crime motivated by sex. Any1 who says that rapists don’t do it for sexual motives is talking rubbish. Here are some facts surrounding rape.

    1. Rapes are found in the animal world. They’re found amongst insects such as crickets, waterstriders, scorpion flies, etc. They’re found amongst birds such as mallard ducks & red jungle fowl. They’re also found amongst primates such as Orangutans. Males rape females for reproductive reasons in the animal world. A male who has problem getting females (such as males who lose mate fights) rape females so as to reproduce.

    2. Rapists mainly target young women, while rapists can attack women of all ages, most rapists go after women who are girls to 35 years old. 75% of women who are raped are under 30 years old, 10 to 12% of women raped are 30 to 35 years old, 7 to 9% 36 to 39 year old, with 5 to 8% of women rape victims being 40 or older with most in this group in their 40s, the last years of prettiest. Menopausal women, those 50 & older make up 1 to 2% of rape victims. After 40, the woman’s chances of getting raped starts going down significantly. If a man robs a 45 year old woman, he’ll take her money. But if the same man robs a 25 year old woman, then he is more likely to commit rape in addition to robbery. This is true in wars. Soldiers who win a war steal, loot & rape young women. Men rape young women because the woman has something which the man wants & that is sex-which he takes by force or by threatening force.

    3. Most rapists don’t do added violence. This is esp. true of acquaintance rapes-date & marital. If a man rapes a woman, he’ll use the force or threat of this to get sex. It’s like a bank robber. Most bank robbers will only use the needed force or threat to get the $ & then leave. Another reason most rapists don’t use added violence is because of biology related to reproductive success. In the animal world, if a male kills a female in addition to sex, then his reproductive success has failed. Yes, some rapists do kill their victims just as some robbers kill their victims, but these are in the minority & the most likely reason is to kill any witnesses.

    4. Poor men are more likely to commit rape. Yes, rich men sometimes commit rape if they lack sex restraint. However the reason poor men are more likely to commit rape (with most of their victims poor women) is because poor men are more likely to have problems getting women. Women are drawn to men based on the man’s phoenotype (good genes) & resources that a man has. Poor men are more likely to have problems getting women who are interested in them & they may not even be willing to pay a prostitute. So they resort to rape for their sexual motives. In the animal world, males have to impress females such as win mate fights, provide nuptial gifts such as food to impress the females. If the females aren’t impressed, then some males rape so as to reproduce.

    Anyhow, if any of you have read the 2000 book by Thornhill & Palmer, the fact is that rape is a crime motivated by sex. Rapists motives are sexual & to say that rape is about power but not sex is rubbish. 84% of rapists say that sex is a main motive. Power which is force or threat of force is a means to get sex. Rapists mainly go after fertile women because this is who they want to have sex with & are attracted to. Though Thornill & Palmer briefly touched this, it must be said that most sex abuse cases are men touching a woman’s boobs or butt against her will (frottage such as in elevator) & almost all the victims are women between 18 to 35 years old.

    Rape cases are almost always he says she says such as date & marital rapes, with the woman saying that the man forced her to have sex while the man says that the woman agreed, doing the acts that she agreed to while not doing what she or he said no to. It’s possible for a woman or man to 1st agree to have sex but then change mind & say no. It’s also possible for a woman or man to 1st say no but then voluntarily change mind & decide to have sex. & it’s possible for a woman or man to say no to 1 sex act but agree to another. Not to be graphic, but if a woman were to ask a man if he could do oral on her, there are many men who would say ‘no, just normal activities’. In this case, the man wants to have penis/vaginal sex with her but he does not want to do oral sex. Rape cases must be judged by juries in deciding which story is credible.

    Men falsely accused didn’t have lives ruined but C.G. Mangum harmed others. Rachel Marsden is right in that the men who Crystal Gail Mangum falsely accused did not have their lives ruined. Where people can rebut Rachel Marsden is that while the Duke Lacrosse players did not have their lives ruined, Crystal Gail Mangum has gone on to commit crimes after this-child abuse and murder. Crystal Gali Mangum is a false accuseress, child abuseress and now a murderess. Jury rejected more serious charge of Murder 1 and honestly, I didn’t think it was Murder 1 but Murder 2 and jury agreed. Does Rachel Marsden see something wrong with the crimes Crystal Gail Mangum did after Duke ?