hellman's mayo
by Natalia Lima
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Lettuce, tomato and a few ground up baby chicks on the side. Does that sound like a good sandwich? If not, you might want to skip the mayo because the nonprofit Farm Forward is exposing the harsh reality that that’s exactly what’s behind Hellmann’s and Best Foods’ spread.

A new video produced by Farm Forward shows that to make a sandwich with Hellman’s and Best Foods mayo, baby chicks are ground up alive.

“Unfortunately this is a practice used by the entire egg industry in the United States,” explained Ben Goldsmith, Farm Forward’s Executive Director, about how as eggs hatch and male baby chicks are born, they are quickly discarded for not being of any use. Male chicks don’t lay eggs, you see.

Since mayonnaise has eggs in the recipe, the practice of killing day old birds is followed by both brands. Owned by Unilever, they are specifically targeted by the campaign because they claim to treat animals fairly to produce their products.

“Unilever has built their global brand using sustainability and high standards of animal welfare as the company’s values,” continued Goldsmith. “When more than one million baby birds are being killed every year, it’s clear Unilever is not even meeting their own standards of animal welfare.”

But the point of the campaign is not to demonize Unilever. Farm Forward wants to help it improve itself, the lives of animals and the industry as a whole.

“I’d like nothing more than consider them as partners,” admitted Goldsmith. “If a company like Unilever comes out against this practice, the entire industry will step up and change.”

Those who want to give Unilever an extra push in the right direction, can sign a petition asking them to stop killing baby chicks and share the video below.

(Also, consider trying a plant based mayo! Brands like Just Mayo and Vegenaise are just as delicious as the original, and without the horror.)

  • Terry Bolanos Garcia

    Wheres the damn petition?

    • Guest 2221

      At the very bottom of the page—it has a blue background.