Most beautiful woman of the year Shania Twain loves being a vegetarian
by Natalia Lima
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Someone needs to talk to Shania Twain about what happens at the rodeo. The singer is a vegetarian and animal lover but rodeos to her are a-ok.

The country singer recently said in an interview that when she performs at the Stampede in Calgary, she might “squeeze in some sort of rodeo … take in an event or two.”

Twain was voted as PETA’s sexiest vegetarian alive in 2001 but she doesn’t think rodeos have anything to do with the animal cause. When asked about any animal rights conflicts with rodeos and the Stampede by the Calgary Herald, Twain replied, “I don’t really know a lot technically about how they operate … but any rodeo that I have seen, I’ve never felt, myself, uncomfortable.”

Maybe the reason why she never felt uncomfortable is that the audience can’t see that the animals are abused with electric prods, spurs and bucking straps behind the scenes so they can  look wild for the “show.” Perhaps PETA will direct her to their website where she can see how many animals have died and suffered for the amusement of rodeo attendants like herself. Or, she can talk to Bob Barker who came out against the Calgary Stampede in 2012. If Bob is against it, that’s a pretty good clue that animals are suffering.

Via The Calgary Herald

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  • Lori Wheeler

    Well Bryan Adams played the Stampede tonight and he is an ethical vegan!!! I was so disappointed. I even sent him a private message, tweeted him and put a comment on his manager’s FB page when it was first announced that he was going to be playing, but he never responded :(

  • Nicole Jaja

    that is dissapointing. i hope she´ll make the connection soon.