Hilary Duff calls out teen hunter Kendall Jones on Twitter
by Allyson Koerner
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Teen hunter Kendall Jones continues to make headlines for her controversial hunting of endangered species in Africa. Well, actress/singer/animal lover Hilary Duff is calling Jones out for her “terrible” actions.

Yesterday, Duff expressed her distaste for Jones’ hunting activities by tweeting:

For those unaware, Jones, 19, became a topic of conversation after she posted photos on Facebook of herself with dead animals she hunted in Africa. Such creatures include lions and cheetahs. She’s been hunting for years (since she was 13, the age she was when she first shot a white rhino) and even declares hunting a conservation method on her Facebook page. On the social network, Jones also describes shooting an elephant, a buffalo, a leopard and a hippo while on other African big game hunts.

Like Duff, many animal activists continue to express their thoughts and opinions regarding Jones’ hunting. It doesn’t seem like the teen will be stopping anytime soon, as she considers the killing of animals a “hunting career.”

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  • Billy Mocean

    How much of a platform is the media giving this little lost girl? This is what she’s after and the World plays into her hands. She’ll have a TV show before we know it, nothing fans the flames of intrigue like a healthy dose of controversy. Ignoring her would be the best solution, and that goes for the long line of folks who will take that limelight when she’s done, as there are many, many more to come, believe me.



  • Komit

    Nothing wrong with hunting for food but for trophy sport no thats completely wrong.

    • John Smith

      Obviously you know squat about wildlife biology or wildlife management.

      • Komit

        Obviously yours is the only opinion that matters. If I kill something I eat it. If you dont like that well I dont care because thats my opinion. You must be one of those midget guys that drives a hummer and has the 9000 dollar hunting rifle and the aussie hat who likes to put dead animal heads on your walls and hey thats you business. I have friends that do that too its just NOT MY THING so in parting FO moron.

  • John Smith

    Give me a break what the hell does some pampered rich urban animal rights wackjob know about the real world? Doubt this idiot has never been outside a city park.Nothing worse then a rotten stinking radical animal rights freak.