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by Natalia Lima
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Meaty hot dogs and hamburgers are no longer synonymous with stadium food — at least not in San Francisco. The city’s 49ers stadium is revolutionizing its food offerings, aiming to be “the most vegan-friendly stadium in the entire sports industry.”

The Levi’s Stadium announced Sunday that it will soon offer a total of 32 permanent vegan dishes with at least one vegan option in “every permanent food stand.” Among the options will be a barbecue-jackfruit sandwich, “Asian steamed buns,” and Indian curries. On a more traditional note, the stadium will also offer vegan hot dogs with Field Roast vegan franks.

To top off these foodie-approved game time meals, a bar at the 50 yard line will offer up to 42 varieties of beer, and two wines on tap.

The 49ers are not the only ones who have been giving their stadium food an upgrade. Others in Minnesota, Texas and Pittsburgh have expanded their options to include fancier fare. The San Francisco team is, however, the only one so far that’s made vegan NFL fans the highest priority in that change.

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  • JR Johnson

    I’m a vegetarian but I could never be vegan as I like milk and eggs. Fact that a stadium is offering vegetarian foods and variety such as Indian curries is good. I have no problem with food hunting as long as the animal is swiftly and humanely killed for food and as long as there is no poaching. If an animal is suffering or is diseased, then no problem with humanely killing it. I am against sports hunting. So hunting for food provided it is humanely and swiftly killed is fine but poaching is wrong.