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by Natalia Lima
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Brian Russell Kirchoff was always a cat lover. In life and in death. The real estate attorney in San Rafael, California made sure his fortune went to take care of homeless cats after he was gone by leaving $800,000 in his will to the Marin Humane Society.

“Any cash proceeds left shall be donated to the Marin Humane Society for the express benefit and use of their cat fund for the benefit of all the cats which come into their care,” stated Kirchoff in his handwritten six-page long will.

Before suffering a fatal heart attack last year, he also left $20,000 for the Santa Rosa animal sanctuary to take care of his two cats, Chelsea and Tarka.

His generous donation didn’t come as any surprise to those who knew Kirchoff. A former colleague, Holly Haugh, said he used to refer to himself as the “cat daddy” of Chelsea and Tarka and “had a passion for cats.”

So far the Marin Humane Society has received $200,000 and is expected to receive the remaining $600,000 later this year although it hasn’t decided what exactly will be done with the donation.

“We will do very generous things for cats with his donation,” told John Reese, chief operating officer of the organization. “It was wonderful for him to consider his cats in the planned giving for his estates and then to also give that donation.”

Kirchoff, who didn’t have any immediate family, wasn’t even a part of the organization, which makes his selfless act all the more purrrrfect.

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  • Allen

    I am doing the same except for dogs.

  • Siraganda

    God bless this great soul – may he be an inspiration for many!

  • parrotenchantress

    Outside casts kill BILLIONS of birds each year. To leave money to them is to kill our birds. They should be destroyed. Check out on Nat Geo, American Bird Conservancy and Audubon. They have no function but to breed, kill birds and nothing more.