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Morrissey Talks About His New Animal Rights Anthem

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Morrissey is an avid animal rights activist, so it makes sense that when he releases a new album he doesn’t give an interview to any platform but PETA.

“2014 marks my 30th year standing alongside my friends and allies at PETA,” he said in an exclusive interview for the organization’s website. “And it’s a kinship I relish because PETA has given us all enough support in order to speak up and show our objection to the animal haters who are so certain that they run the game.”

Morrissey’s new album, ‘World Peace Is None of Your Business’, includes the vegan singer’s new anthem for animals rights.

“‘The Bullfighter Dies’ is a shout-out for the total abolition of the living horror of bullfighting,” said Morrissey about the upbeat song. “And since those who control such barbarity have no interest in the welfare of the bull, then we can only approach the subject by stressing how the overwhelming majority do not have any sympathy when the bullfight does not go the bullfighter’s way.”


The song is a follow up to ‘Meat is Murder’, a song Morrissey wrote while still with The Smiths in 1985. When performing it on stage, Morrissey plays images supplied by PETA of factory farming, often shocking audience members.

“Violence is built very solidly into our society, and it is nowhere more prevalent than the despair of factory farming and the slaughterhouse—both monuments to human selfishness, and both suspiciously barred to public scrutiny,” explained the singer who refuses to work, and even talk, to meat eaters.

Morrissey has also made his entire album available for streaming on the PETA website so if people want to take a listen, they’ll have to get to know a bit about animal rights in the process.


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