woody the dog before and after his rescue
by Natalia Lima
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What a difference some tender loving care makes.

Woody was a happy dog with a home until his owner died. After the family sold the house, he was left behind and took shelter under his previous home waiting for his owner to come back for him. He waited for a year.

During that time, neighbors gave him some food and water, which allowed him to survive until help finally came. Rescuers for the Hope for Paws organization in Los Angeles found Woody under the house’s structure with one blind eye and tons of matted hair that hid the fact that he was so skinny you could feel every bone in his body.

Woody didn’t resist his capture, almost like he remembered how nice some humans could be.

The rescue organization then proceeded to shave him, bathe him and foster him. Now Woody not only is healthier and happily frolicking with his foster dog brothers, but he is a poster boy to remind people to include their pets in their will. Doing so assures that they will be taken care of after their owner is gone so they don’t have to fend for themselves like Woody once did.

You can see Woody’s entire rescue and transformation in the video Hope for Paws made about him but beware: it will definitely bring on the feels.

Woody is now available for adoption and more information on how to give him a forever home can be found through Hope for Paws.

Via People Magazine

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