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Beyond Meat are soon rolling out The Beast, their new protein-packed vegan burger. To taste-test the meatless patty, Beyond Meat’s chief executive, Ethan Brown, paid a visit to the New York Mets and handed out samples. Were they a home run?

“So this has zero beef?” asked starting pitcher, John Niese, perhaps feeling a touch of disbelief as he chewed the vegan burger. Anthony Recker, catcher, says he rarely eats red meat and avoids preservatives. Team captain and third baseman, David Wright, told Brown, “Six years ago I cut out red meat. It made me lethargic.” Wright also mentioned that he’s always on the lookout for high-protein, quick-to-prepare meals that he can eat on the go. The Beast Burger has as much protein as beef, more omega-3s than salmon, and more antioxidants than blueberries. Perfect fit

“I’ve tried make-believe meat before and didn’t like it,” said Michael Angelo Aviles, a 50-year-old from Ridgewood, NY, as he arrived to watch the game. “But I like this.” 

Brown approached the Mets for feedback on the new burger in the hopes that their endorsement will make the product more appealing to young consumers. Brown says that the company has approached the Golden State Warriors, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Giants, New York Yankees, and New England Patriots, hoping to arrange taste tests similar to the Mets event or get players to try samples. If feedback is positive, this seems like a surefire way to get more vegan options into baseball stadiums! 

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  • Mary Keogh

    Arizona’s Chase Field already has Vegan fare and it is good. It’s only right that everyone who goes to the games should be able to find something they can eat.

  • Slumlord Fonechi

    Lol smh such a shame. This “burger” isnt healthy. The bread is poison and the ingredients of the Pattie are most likely GMO’d up. The bread is processed and is helping keeping fans in their seats by making them fat and lazy with empty calories and carbs.

    • p.

      All relative though isn’t it? It’s not like Americans are going to stop eating burgers tomorrow. And this is far healthier than a standard slab of mince burger.

      FYI, their site says beyond meat has no ‘saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, gluten, dairy, and GMOs’.

      Beyond any health concerns, a product like this has fantastic potential from animal and environmental points of view. Seems like a winner to me.

      • Slumlord Fonechi

        Look up ” Hexane” and “high fructose corn syrup” in relation to the “Pattie” and the bread used for the burger. You say “Far Healthier” oh yeah because American spirit is a, in your words, ” a far healthier” alternative to Newport’s and other brand name cigarettes; yeah that is your logic at work just generalized. Btw I don’t appreciate how you chose to intermingle “interest groups” and their “causes”, “animal and environmentalist”, in your rebuttal when that is a clear manipulation of people’s “PC” agendas aka “don’t interrupt the status quo and lay low” mentality. Don’t act like a tool… And especially don’t hide behind these passive aggressive tactics to make a point that clearly wasn’t researched at all by you.

      • p.

        Your comment is in parts, wrong, unintelligible, and makes incorrect assumptions. I thought I’d reply to a few of points.

        1. I liked “Don’t act like a tool… And especially don’t hide behind these passive aggressive tactics”. Touche.

        2. I also liked don’t “make a point that clearly wasn’t researched at all by you” – my tertiary credentials, including published work on aspects of animal agriculture, including its impacts on the environment, and the potential of novel protein foods to address these argues otherwise.

        3. I never intended to hide behind “PC agendas”, or “animal and environmentalist causes”. Pretty up front about them really. You are aware you are posting on an environmental/animal interest site aren’t you? These are a huge part of the reason why people are interested in things like beyond meat.

        4. “don’t interrupt the status quo and lay low” mentality. If you think the introduction of vegan burgers to major league teams, and everything else that beyond meat is trying to do is the status quo, well you’re living in a pretty different world to me.

      • Slumlord Fonechi

        Oh no, I strolled into a monsoon with an cheap umbrella. Yes I am ashamed to have replied to you in such a halfass way but that’s what I get for assuming that a person as uninformed as you are wouldn’t happen to actually be able to articulate their ignorance to such an educated degree. You’re a great writer I give you that but you are wrong no matter how you word it. Touche. Credentials aside, ego, let’s analyze the date presented, the Hexane for instance. Yeah exactly. Speaking of protein, Hemp is an interesting source of protein; oh yeah and the highest but I digress. BTW You’re right, I was not aware I am posting on an “environmental/animal interest site”; your point is? Facts are facts, are they not? Now that #4 is due to miscommunication, which was probably caused by my “unintelligible” writing. I will admit I did not feel the requirement to invoke the spirit of Mark Twain to reply to you, for that I apologize. I was only pointing out you trying to vindicate your uninformed perspective on the issue in question when you mentioned the “self interest groups” you did as if that somehow bolsters your argument. But hey I don’t blame you and its OK because we all have moments of denial. Lol punchlines I wrote in punchlines my bad.

  • Amy Gill

    Beautifully stated! GO VEGAN!

  • lanmanna