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The world’s first all-vegan food truck pod opened up recently and its geographic location may surprise you! We’ll give you two hints.

Hint #1: It’s in the United States.

Hint #2: It’s not in Portland, Oregon.

Vegan BBQ, tacos, sweet baked goods, and more are now a one-stop shop in Texas’s state capital, Austin. Cutely named taco truck, Taco ‘Bout It, got it started when they set up shop at Northloop House & Yard. Their vegan tacos were wildly popular, and more vegan food trucks opened up as their neighbors. Soon it became obvious that an all-vegan food truck pod was the way to go. The rest is delicious history!

Visit the pod and you can feast upon:

* Tacos! Taco ‘Bout It‘s tacos run from light and veggie-full (sweet potato avocado) to extra meaty (“Veggie Heart Attack” with vegan beef & chorizo).

* BBQ sandwiches, brisket, tempeh ribs, and mac & cheese from BBQ Revolution

* Donuts in exciting flavors such as Mexican Hot Chocolate, Maple Glazed with walnuts, Austin Cream Pie, and more from Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery

* Unity Kitchen, new to Austin since last year, offers variety in their menu from muffaletta sandwiches to spring rolls with garlicky quinoa, lasagna to crab cakes. They recently served chick’n and waffles!

This isn’t the first evidence of a budding vegan scene in Austin, but rather an addition to an already thriving vegan community in the Texas capital. HappyCow.net pulls up FIVE PAGES of results for Austin. The city also hosts an annual Veg Fest, toasts a monthly ATX Vegan Drinks, and has regularly scheduled vegan social meet-ups. If you’re looking for a vegan getaway, set your sights on Austin!

Photo credit: Northloop Yard & House / Facebook.com

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  • NotRappaport

    Nope. Eugene has had one of these for years.

    • lazysmurf

      I think you might be confused. This is an all vegan trailer park with 5 trailers that are all vegan.