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by Natalia Lima
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Russell Brand is a proud vegetarian who’s not afraid to promote the plant based lifestyle to whoever is willing to listen.

You might remember that we reported that Russell went vegan. Sadly, that first attempt didn’t last. Now he wants your help to stay vegan.

The English actor and comedian talked about his eating habits and the ethics behind them on his web show ‘The Threws’ last week.

“If you got any concern at all for animal welfare, you’ve got to not eat meat,” said Brand when answering a email comment from a viewer who said it was possible to be an animal lover and activist while still being an omnivore.

Brand also said that the attitude of eating living beings while claiming to love animals was “hypocrisy.”

“I’m thinking of becoming vegan but it’s so hard isn’t it? It’s so hard to be a vegan but I’m going to try. I’ve tried it before,” continued Brand who has been a vegetarian since age 14 and tried being a vegan from 2011 to 2013.

“I’d love more advice from vegans on how to do it well,” he concluded seriously before finishing with his usual dry sense of humor. “You’re going to tell me to learn how to cook, aren’t you? Bastards.”

To help Brand go vegan for good, tweet him your best tip @RustyRockets.

  • Reed Glidden

    How can peace be possible if we’re willing to slit a throat because we have the munchies. Regardless of the vanity of a plant based diet being healthier or not, the implications to our world from eating the deceased is now confirmed science (that is if you believe in science).

  • Eduardo Enriquez

    Forget going vegan–you should try enunciating.

  • Cheryl Koots Emery

    It’s not hard being vegan, just don’t eat animal products, they have no purpose other than what people are used to consuming. I feel like I avoid so much garbage eating vegan too, so much junkie foods are not vegan and you have to go out of way to get vegan versions.

  • Shannon Milling

    Not hard at all! Love being vegan so much- Go Russell! We got your back, haha!

  • Tom Edenbrow

    looks good bud

  • Norma Desmond

    Get someone to cook for you and eat out at as many vegan restaurants as possible. Get familiar with what they cook and soon you will be confidently reproducing the meals in your own home. Keep it simple and don’t let it become time consuming if you have a busy lifestyle. Good luck in the end it’s only as difficult as you chose th make it.