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First Lady Michelle Obama‘s “Drink Up” campaign is making water cool.

In her ongoing efforts to fight childhood obesity and make our nation’s children healthier, Obama has been promoting water as a better beverage than sugary sodas. Ever graceful, Obama has not been slandering the soda industry; rather she’s focusing on increasing water’s reputation and making it more attractive. Obama feels confident that this “trend” will pick up.

“I’m confident that in the coming months and years we will see people across the country drinking more and more water,” Obama said at a White House event on Tuesday. Obama said that if water is marketed and promoted more attractively, kids will be more excited to drink it and families will be more interested in providing it over sodas or other sugary drinks. 

“It’s terrific that the First Lady is working to make water more available, more cool,” said Margot Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. “Increasing the appeal is one part of what needs to be done to reduce the consumption of other beverages.”

“We need to keep working together within industries and across industries to help our kids lead healthier lives,” the First Lady said.  “And if we do all that, then I am confident — I continue to be confident that we can give our kids the bright, healthy futures they deserve.”

We sure wish Obama was promoting tap water or using refillable and reusable bottles, though. A Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) study found, through online ads, that sales of (disposable) bottled water have increased 3% since the campaign launched last year. Considering Nalgene and S’Well bottles are supporters of the campaign, one would hope that eco-friendly reusable bottles would also play a key part in the campaign. Drinking water is cool, but drinking it out of an environmentally-friendly reusable bottle is WAY cooler, kids.

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