Miranda Lambert
by Natalia Lima
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Miranda Lambert is known for her aggressive power chick attitude in her country songs but at home she is nothing but a big softie — for her dogs at least.

“I have a little plaque in my house that says: ‘There is always room for one more dog,’ ” said the singer in a recent interview about her love of canines.

Lambert takes that plaque very seriously too. The singer currently cares for six dogs, all rescues, even if hubby Blake Shelton finds it a little too much.

Bellamy is the last one I adopted,” she tells. “My husband loves the Bellamy Brothers, so I figured naming him that might soften the blow of a sixth puppy!”

And if she can’t adopt them, she helps them find forever homes through the MuttNation Foundation.

“I started the foundation in 2009 along with my mom and two other board members, with the mission of raising funds to help dogs and shelters,” she says about the organization that helps renovate shelters across the United States.

Her foundation has also recently partnered with Pedigree dog food to give those shelter dogs an extra push towards a happy life.

“It’s a great partnership, because we seem to have the same goals: making shelters a better place for animals until they find their forever home,” she says. “The Pedigree Feeding Project has provided over 20 million pounds of food to shelters since 2008! The better food they eat the better the look and feel. And that means a great chance of adoption.”

And sure, helping homeless dogs all over the country, caring for another six at home and being one of the biggest stars in country music can be a little overwhelming, “but it’s also rewarding,” she admits. “They just love you unconditionally and know that you saved them and gave them a better life.”

Via PEOPLE Magazine

Photo Credit: www.facebook.com/MuttNation