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by Natalia Lima
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‘Game of Thrones’ is mostly known for its gruesome violent deaths and battles, but even George R. R. Martin has a soft side.

The bestselling author offered in June a once in a lifetime chance for fans of his book series. If they donated $20,000 to a wolf sanctuary in his hometown of Santa Fe, they would get a character named after them in the series that would suffer a horrid bloody death. Martin couldn’t follow through with his promise when a 13-year-old boy begged him for that miserable death, though.

“A gruesome grizzly death is all I ask for,” wrote Jack B, in a letter he sent to Martin also vouching to donate $260, his pocket money and all he could afford.

Jack also noted wolves are his favorite animals and that he plans on being a wolf conservationist in the future.

“There’s a limit to how many people even I can kill,” said Martin in reply. “It pleases me no end to know that my novels, and the TV series based on them, have inspired readers as young as yourself to rally to the support of these majestic and too often stigmatized animals.”

Martin went ahead and donated $10,000 to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary instead of granting Jack’s wish.

At least the boy can take comfort in the fact that his letter spared the animals he so loves from suffering unnecessary deaths.

Mashable got a hold of Jack’s entire letter, which can be read below. You can try not to ‘awww’ but you probably won’t be able to.


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