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ricky gervais holds a catricky gervais holds a cat

Ricky Gervais: ‘Boycott All Cruel SeaWorld Attractions'

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Ricky Gervais wants you to boycott SeaWorld.

The British actor and comedian known for his animal rights activism posted his thoughts on marine parks on Twitter over the weekend, urging his followers to stop attending them.

“Dolphins are magnificent, intelligent beings,” he wrote on Sunday evening. “They should not be imprisoned for our amusement. Boycott all cruel ‘sea world attractions.’”

Gervais’ stance on dolphins was just one of a series of tweets the funny man posted over the weekend in defense of animals.

“Don’t think of conservation as just doing animals a favour,” he wrote on Saturday. “We need them so much more than they need us. We’re saving ourselves really.”

He later posted a picture of a baby rhino that was orphaned by poachers and now has found a friend with the hashtag “#BeNiceToAnimals” and he started his Monday advocating for endangered tigers, asking people to donate to save them.

In between all of that activism, Gervais also posted a few videos of his own cat, Ollie, clearly showing that his love for animals extends to his home life.

To top it all off, Gervais posted two amazingly cute pictures on Saturday and Sunday wishing his followers good night. One was of a baby wombat, the other of a sleeping kitten.

All of that doesn’t even count the actor’s “multi million dollar Emmy campaign” which consists of dogs holding up signs that read “#VoteDerek.”

Just when we thought we couldn’t love him more…

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  • Barbara Lovett

    Ricky is a good man. We need more like him fighting for the animals!

  • Shannon Milling

    Go Ricky!!

  • Slim Boyce

    All animals are`magnificent intelligent beings` so stop keeping them as pets and then i`ll listen to your argument on wildlife parks.

    • Liam Brown

      Are you REALLY comparing keeping pets to dolphins in captivity? Get a grip!

    • Tattooed_Princess

      Yeah because domesticated animals are doing so well in the wild, feral cats and dogs are just wonderful 🙂 …….. You should be against puppy farms and should be supporting neutering of house cats to keep the ‘wild pets’ out of the gutters and disease free or is that how you like them?

    • Katy Daly

      Wow that’s some logic ya got there, Dumbass.

  • stef51

    Love Ricky. Great human!!! He’s been fighting for all animals and I admire him for sharing with all his fans.

    • debbie

      Not the cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, fish, goats. He loves one and eats others

  • Tracey Hoad

    I am passionate about animal protection.

  • debbie

    Ricky, what about the other non humans who are enslaved, tortured and have their throats slot, hung upside down, bleed out, get chopped up all to feed your face. Stop being a Speciesist

    • emily

      Ricky is a vegetarian!

  • debbie


  • Sue

    Sea world animals are born in captivity and don’t know they are wild animals or they are rescue animals which can no longer live in the wild. They are taught to perfom tricks to help with their mental stimulation or they would become depressed and die. Also people coming to see them perform are helping to fund the animals food and maintain their enclosures and health. They are also used in breeding program’s to help repopulate the species. So maybe mr Gervais should do a little more research before opening his celebrity mouth and spouting crap! I also hate cruelty to animals and love seeing animals in their natural environment but sometimes it is more beneficial to the animal to be in captivity.

    • Rachael

      Hello Sue. It sounds to me like you have done an even smaller amount of research than you claim Ricky Gervais has done. Have you ever watched the documentary ‘Blackfish’? Nevermind, I know you haven’t. Tilikum (the orca) wasn’t born in captivity, he was stolen from the ocean/his family when he was 2 years old in 1983. He now lives out his miserable existence in a small pool (for his size) at Sea World Orlando. I’ll leave it at that even though there is much more I could say. Please do some research, what you have said is unfortunately ignorant.

      • Ian

        And you quoting a single case is not being ignorant? There are planty of places that DO indeed have animals born and bred in captivity and would not survive in the wild….More research needed on your part i think!

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