diver and shark
by Natalia Lima
Categories: Animals, Video.

Diving with sharks takes some serious courage. Grabbing one of them by the tail and removing a hook from its mouth takes a lot more – but that didn’t stop a group of divers in Florida from helping out a shark in need.

Randy Jordan and a few other divers went out shark diving last weekend. The group calls themselves ‘Shark Addicts’ and often film their dives and upload them to YouTube; so swimming around a handful of silky sharks was supposed to be just a run of the mill trip.

When Jordan saw one of the sharks had a bull hook stuck in its mouth, however, the close encounter got more intense.

“Randy put a silky shark into tonic immobility so Cameron Nimmo could remove a fishing hook from its mouth,” the group posted online with the video of the removal. “Everything went successful, the shark was not harmed, and no divers were harmed.”

The video clearly shows Jordan carefully rubbing the shark’s tail and lower back for a few seconds putting it in an almost hypnotized state. Once the shark stands still, Nimmo sweeps in and removes the hook with some pliers. The shark then instantly snaps out of its catatonic mindset and swims away.

While the divers weren’t lucky enough to get a ‘thank you’ like the ones who recently rescued a turtle, they seem eager to help out other sharks they encounter.

“We plan on doing this more in the future,” concludes their post.

  • Siraganda

    This great act of compassion tells me that there’s still hope for this bleeding planet – and that not all human beings are showing an inhumane attitude towards the other creatures who are sharing this planet with us! May there be empathy and compassionate feeling towards all creatures rule the planet!