battery cage hens
by Natalia Lima
Categories: Animals, Causes, Video.

If you were looking for a reason to stop eating chicken and eggs, look no more.

The California based group Animal Place recently rescued 500 hens from an egg farm. When they released them at their sanctuary in Grass Valley, the animals’ reaction was priceless.

Used to being kept in groups in cages so small they couldn’t even open their wings, once the Animal Place workers open the cage doors, they immediately start popping out of imprisonment and pacing about.

On the video the group posted online, the hens are visibly still shaken. It’s no surprise since they were kept in suspended cages and had never even touched the ground!

A few moments later, the hens are out and about walking on the grass and if the open-beak reaction in one of their faces doesn’t make you smile today, we don’t know what will.

Now that these hens are safe from their life of slavery, Animal Place is looking for people’s help to keep them safe and happy. Donations and adoptions are very much welcomed and can be done through their website.


  • Marie

    So adorable

  • Kathryn Davis

    I’m really shocked that those hens were able to stand let alone walk that well. Their minds also seems surprisingly good as I saw some of the pecking around. Really cool.