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by Natalia Lima
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Say it isn’t so!

According to Anne Hathaway’s agent, the Oscar winning actress is no longer a vegan.

After a source told Page Six that Hathaway had requested a vegan cake to be used as a prop in a film, her rep stepped up claiming there is no truth to the statements.

The scene in question is for the film ‘The Intern’ that Hathaway is currently working on. In it, her character eats a piece of chocolate cake. The source said that Hathaway requested the prop department to replace the cake with a vegan option, making two orders of three-layered chocolate cake from New York City bakery Vegan Divas.

The story sounds true since Hathaway has made similar requests in the past. On the set of ‘Les Miserables’, she asked the costume department to only have her wear clothes and accessories that weren’t made with any animal products. In this case, however, her agent said the allegations are “completely false as Anne is no longer a vegan.”

There’s been no official statement from the actress herself but we sure hope after having a vegan wedding and wearing vegan shoes to the Oscars, she didn’t just stop eating animals.


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  • nothoney

    Read the “Thinking Vegan” about ex-vegans:

  • Sylvia

    I hope she’s not. It’s not doing any good to her health.

    • broken1

      What’s not doing her health well?

      • squarebird

        Veganism causes autism and plant allergies in children.

      • broken1

        Site some solid evidence, not just here say. Veganism is not a plant, it is a lifestyle.

      • broken1

        What proof do you have?

  • Suzan Zibar

    But she still has a raging eating disorder and there are so many other “fad” diets to try. Probably will be on gluten free/dairy free next.

    (I am vegan)

    • Lowell Z

      and unkind, as well.

  • leafshaped

    “but we sure hope after having a vegan wedding and wearing vegan shoes to the Oscars, she didn’t just stop eating animals.” Do you mean she just didn’t stop NOT eating animals?

  • Demetrius Bagley

    Sounds like she might still be vegan and yet in the closet about it now!

    • broken1

      If she looks at it from the ethical point of view, then yeas she is. But as a diet, Hollywood has a cornucopia of choices.

    • squarebird

      Let’s hope she stays there.

  • designby

    Vegans never stop being vegans. Plant-based dieters, stop being plant based. There is a world of difference.

    • Jessica Šlégrová

      agree with you totally, most of the celebs should just call themselves as plant-based eaters

    • Zimitode

      I cannot agree more, that’s exactly what I say. It seems to me that these celebrities really don’t get what the veganism is all about, it’s not a diet it’s a way of life and it’s about the animals. I would appreciate if they stop misleading new vegans.

      • squarebird

        New Vegans? Are you from Vega?

  • broken1

    Alligations? Since when is veganism a criminal offence? Anyway, whyshould I believe her agent? His only concern is about leaching off her stardom. If she doesn’t want to be a vegan anymore, then quote her, not her blood sucking agent.

  • broken1

    And yet she just had a totally vegan wedding. My guess is that the blood sucking agent wasn’t invited or at least he didn’t get the message, “Go Vegan”. LOL

  • broken1

    Agents only exist because the suck the blood money of their host. And they will say things only to ensure the host continues to bleed money their way. Lying is not off the table.

  • …the hell?

    I have no idea how I could have gotten through my day without knowing this. LOL!

    More info for the mushbrains who think Entertainment Tonight is the only source of news.

  • BuenoOffenhauser

    Perhaps she asked her dentist why she has different types of teeth. Mother Nature made us omnivorous and it wasn’t a mistake and it wasn’t by accident.