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Pamela Anderson Visits Faroe Islands to Support Sea Shepherd

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Pamela Anderson might be best known for her “Baywatch” role or her glamor modeling career, but she’s also a vegan and animal rights advocate who works with organizations such as PETA.

Now this awesome activist has teamed up with Sea Shepherd to try to bring an end to a brutal practice known as the “grindadrap” (or simply “grind,”) where hundreds of pilot whales and other cetaceans are slaughtered each year during their annual migration.

The aim of Sea Shepherd’s Operation GrindStop is to stop the cruel grind – which takes place primarily between June and October when pilot whales tend to pass by the Faroe islands while moving north to find more food. Many of these whales have calves in tow, as females give birth in warmer equatorial waters.

At a press conference held on August 1st, Anderson said, “It is now time to end this archaic abomination called the Grind. I support Sea Shepherd’s efforts to end this cruel and ruthless massacre of defenseless whales and dolphins who are highly intelligent and so much like us. They have families like we do, they love them and care for them like we do, they have their own language and individual names for one another like we do, and a very complex social structure like we do.”

She insisted, “It is important to understand we are NOT AGAINST the Faroese. WE ARE FOR the whales and dolphins… The killing is a stain on this pristine country which no longer needs the meat of these animals to survive. When we know better, we do better.”

Check out a video below of the Sea Shepherd escorting yesterday (Aug 4th) a pod of whales away from the Faroe Island shores.

Photo Credit: Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com

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  • Siraganda

    Wow – Pam, this great soul is really doing so much for the animals! I just hope that people follow this great example she is giving to everyone of us! Considering her immense present I don’t think of her as a celebrity, but an upright, courageous person who has exactly the same right to help wherever this help is needed – and the most vulnerable are the helpless and innocent animals all over the world! Thank you Pam – you are my hero!

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